Donkey Kong Country/Gameplay

Barrel types edit

There are many different types of barrels in Donkey Kong Country. Some can be picked up and others are activated when you touch them. This page details the different functions of each barrel and names them according to their names in the Super Nintendo manual.

Regular Barrel edit

This is the basic barrel that can be picked up or put down and thrown. This barrel is useful in defeating most enemies and revealing hidden passages. Different variations roll or smash when they hit the ground or enemies.

TNT Drum edit

This barrel has mostly the same functions as the regular barrel with a few exceptions. TNT drums explode within a few seconds of being put down, so you can't let go of them for too long. They also explode when they hit enemies and explode when they hit the ground.

Barrel Cannon edit

These barrels can be jumped in, and you will be shot out automatically.