Donkey Kong Country/Enemies

This is an alphabetical list of all the Enemies in the game.

Army edit

Army is the armadillo that can roll up into a ball and roll into you. If you roll into an Army while it is rolling and you are playing as Diddy, you will only stun it for a few seconds. To defeat it, jump on it while it is not rolling or while you play as Donkey, or just have any barrel pound on him.

Bitesize edit

Bitesize are small, green piranha fish that swim across the screen in underwater levels. The only way to defeat them is by having Enguarde and lunging at them.

Chomps edit

Chomps is a shark that can be found in almost all the underwater levels. The only way to defeat them is by having Enguarde and lunging at them.

Chomps Jr. edit

Chomps Jr. is completely identical to Chomps in every way except that it is smaller and, surprisingly, although smaller than Chomps, is more dangerous. Again, only Enguarde can kill them.

Clambo edit

Clambo is the clam that sits in one place and shoots pearls at you. There is no way to defeat them.

Croctopus edit

Croctopus is an octopus that will spin in circles (Purple). In the level Croctopus Chase, in Gorilla Glacier, the Croctopus (Blue) will chase you instead of just going in circles. There is no way to defeat them.

Gnawty edit

Gnawty is the Beaver found in the majority of the game. It has grey fur and you can defeat them by jumping on them with either Kong, rolling into them, or throwing a barrel at them. But there is another type of Gnawty that you should know. This one has a brown color and their part in the game is running on a big wheel (Like a hamster wheel) that goes up and down or left and right. In the level Temple Tempest, in Vine valley, the Gnawty with brown color will chase you with the big wheel instead. There is no way to defeat them, even with things like your animal buddies, etc. Just avoid them.

Klump edit

This heavy kremling has an army hard hat, purple pinstriped pants (matches his purple skin) and a green army belt loaded with army weapons he never uses (he looks like an armadillo so he could be the kremling equivalent of Army). Diddy won't be able to jump on him because Klump's hard hat withstands it and throws both Diddy and Klump backwards a little bit. Jumping on a Klump can knock them off the edge of a platform, so you can push them into pits if need be. Instead, have Diddy do a cartwheel attack on him. Donkey Kong can kill him with any attack. Using barrels, as usual, is the safest way to defeat a Klump.

Kritter edit

Kritter is the basic kremling that just walks back and forth. You can defeat them by jumping on them, throwing a barrel at them, or rolling into them. However, there are four different types of Kritters you must be aware of; there are the green ones, the blue ones, the orange ones, and the grey ones. The green ones are simple to defeat because all they do is walk (thereby making them not as much of annoyances as the other types). The blue ones always jump towards you. The orange ones jump back and forth from the platforms they're jumping from (Depends what). The grey ones have a routine of hopping twice and then a high jump so careful with these cretins.

Klaptrap edit

Klaptrap is a small, quadrupedal blue Kremling that resembles a small crocodile. Don't bother doing a roll attack on its front or you'll be bitten by his teeth. Defeat them by jumping on them with either Kong, rolling into them from behind, or throwing a barrel at them.

Krash edit

Krash is the kremling that drives in the minekart levels. Defeat them by jumping on them (though this only works in Mine Cart Madness where they don't move). They are impervious to the Kongs in Mine Cart Carnage where their carts move.

Krusha edit

Krusha is the giant kremling that wears a camouflage tank top, limps, sports a mohawk and appears jolly but is nonetheless an enemy of the Kongs. In the level Platform Perils, there is a grey kind which can only be killed by a barrel. The regular blue kind can only be killed by Donkey Kong (he can even only kill the blue kind by jumping on them; roll attacks from either Kongs will not work and ground slapping even the blue kind won't kill them.)

Manky Kong edit

Manky Kong is an orangutang that throws barrels at random intervals. Unlike the sequels to this game, jumping on the barrels will only kill your character. Defeat them by jumping on them with either kong or throwing a barrel at them.

Mini-Necky edit

Mini-Necky is a smaller version of Necky which spits nuts. Defeat them by jumping on them with either kong or throwing a barrel at them.

Necky edit

Necky is a vulture that is either on the ground throwing nuts or flying at you. Defeat them by jumping on them with either kong or throwing a barrel at them. Some can be defeated by rolling.

Oil Drums edit

Oil Drums first appeared in the Donkey Kong arcade game. There are two types of Oil Drums. In Donkey Kong Country, one that has a skull on it, they contain enemies that pop out randomly. The only way to defeat them is to throw barrels (either TNT or regular barrels) at them. The other type that says OIL on it is one that spurts fire from above (Obvious how come it contains fire inside). The only way to destroy these is with TNT Barrels

Rockroc edit

Rockroc is a kremling completely made of rock that is only found in the level Stop & Go Station. They hate red light so they hide themselves in forms of rock like figures until green light comes back on and then they sprint quickly left and right. They are invulnerable to all attacks in the original Super Nintendo version; in the Game Boy Advance version you can get rid of them for good by getting DK to ground slap them while they're immobilized by the red light.

Slippa edit

Slippa is a poisonous snake that lurk around mostly in caves. They can be beat by jumping on them with either kong, throwing barrels at them, or roll out attack.

Squidge edit

Squidge is a jellyfish-like enemy. They squint up and down or sideways like going left and right in the direction of down or up and down and up for the direction of left or right. Sometimes they go straight up right, up left, down right, down left, etc. Enguarde is the only one who can hurt them.

Zinger edit

Zinger is like a bee/wasp that flies around the area buzzing about. There have 4 different colors in act of camouflage; yellow, red, orange, and dark greenish. Its body is covered spines so you don't want to touch them anywhere. It can only be beaten by barrels or by Animal Friends like Rambi or Winky. Mincers look like spike balls, and behave somewhat like Zingers, spinning rapidly, with some even floating. Mincers are more threatening due to the fact that they are completely invulnerable to all attacks. As such, Mincers only appear in three stages in the entire game.