Dark and Light/Classes/Necromancer


Stat CostsEdit

Becoming a Necromancer will decrease and increase some of your stat raising costs:

  • WIS -1
  • QUI +1



To level fast with Necromancer the best way is to grind up levels until you are able to call Great Skeletons, from this point on find an area of low level mobs, and attack them, keep doing this until you standing with them drops so low that they will attack you on site, the mobs you are attacking are low level so your pets will have no trouble killing them, although XP gain isn't great its possible to afk level this way. note: if it is currently impossible to lower your standing try low level skeletons as they attack you anyway. doing this it is possible to level to 35 within 24hrs IF the server stays up that long... Hope this little guide helps you budding Necro's :)

As of latest patch, this will no longer work.

Hints and BugsEdit