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Wheat Grass Juice
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Wheat grass juice is the extracted juice from young (5–10 inch) wheat plants. The juice is touted for many health benefits due to its high concentrations of Chlorophyll, enzymes, vitamins (especially vitamin B), and minerals.

A typical portion is two fluid ounces, requiring the juicing of ⅓ to 1 square foot of wheat grass. The juice has a pungent, sweet odor/taste which is an acquired taste. It may be drunk straight, or mixed with other juices, such as carrot or apple.

Wheatgrass juice should always be consumed immediately after juicing.

Ingredients edit

Equipment edit

  • 1 tray (cafeteria type, to grow shoots on)
  • 2 cups potting soil
  • Large jar

Procedure edit

1 week-old wheat grass

Growing edit

  1. Soak the wheat berries overnight in a jar of water.
  2. Drain, then cover with damp paper towel and keep in the jar. Let rest for a day or so until they have sprouted.
  3. Spread the potting soil on the tray, and then gently spread the sprouts on top.
  4. Regularly water the sprouts for about a week, or until they are plentiful enough to juice. This should take about 1 week.

Juicing edit

  1. Use an electric or manual juicer to juice the wheat grass.
  2. Use immediately.