Cookbook:Spring Onion Spelt Spread

Spring Onion Spelt Spread
Category Vegan recipes
Servings 1 bowl
Time 15 minutes

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A spread that consist of the three base ingredients tofu, oat flakes and raw spelt flour.


  • tofu (250g)
  • oat flakes (150g)
  • raw spelt flour (150g)
  • 3 (or more) whole spring onions.
  • 1 (or more) pickled gherkin(s)
  • margarine
  • rapeseed oil or other vegetable oil
  • soy sauce
  • salt
  • garlic
  • pepper
  • soy lecithin powder


  1. Take oat flakes, raw spelt, tofu and some water for the base substance.
  2. The recommended amount is about 250g of tofu and 150g of oat flakes and spelt flour each.
  3. You might want to add lecithin powder in an emulsifier.
  4. Cut the spring onions and the gherkin into small pieces
  5. Add a spoon of margarine and/or a spoon of rapeseed oil, or any other vegetable oil.
  6. Add salt and pepper to taste.