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Cold-smoked salmon

Smoked salmon consists of salt-cured salmon flavored, and sometimes cooked, with wood smoke.

Types Edit

Cold-smoked Edit

After curing, the salmon is placed in a chamber into which wood smoke is allowed to build up away from the fire. The temperature of the chamber ranges from 60°F to 90°F (15°C to 32°C), which is not hot enough to cook the fish. As a result, cold-smoked salmon retains the delicate, moist texture of raw fish.

Hot-smoked Edit

Hot-smoked salmon

Like cold-smoked salmon, the hot-smoked variety starts with salt curing, although typically to a lesser extent. The salmon is then placed in a smoking chamber closer to the fire, and the heat and smoke both accumulate in the chamber. The temperature can range from 100°F to 175°F(38°C to 93°C), which is enough to cook the fish. Hot-smoked salmon therefore has the firm, flaky texture of cooked fish.

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