Cookbook:Seitan Burger

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Seitan burgers (vegetarian Schnitzel) have a consistency similar to that of fillet and are easy to cover with breading. For the breading the usual spices for meat can be used.



  • Take 25% (volume) more water than gluten flour.
  • Mix liquid ingredients (e.g. soy sauce) with the water.
  • Mix solid ingredients (e.g. spices) with the flour. It is much easier to mix solid and liquid ingredients separately than adding ingredients to the gluten dough later, as it is very rubbery and sticky.
  • Make gluten dough from 100% gluten flour (or use wheat flour, see above) and water. The dough should be suitable for kneading.
  • The patties can be formed easily by hand and are sticky enough to pick up the breading mix easily.
  • The finished patties can be fried in an oiled pan. Don't use too much oil but enough to let the breading pick up some oil on both sides.