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Seaweeds, or sea vegetables, are various edible algae that grow in the sea. They are commonly used in the cuisines of Japan, Korea, Peru, Wales and North American Indians. Seaweed derivatives are also used in cooking and food products, especially agar and carrageenan.

Nutrition edit

Seaweed naturally contains many vitamins, folic acid, MSG, niacin, and many minerals. Seaweed is very low in calories.

Varieties edit

Types of commonly-eaten seaweed include:

  • Konbu/dashima/haidai: a variety of kelp (brown alga), eaten fresh or used to make dashi
  • Wakame/miyeok/sea mustard: a variety of kelp (brown alga)
  • Nori/gim: dried red algae sheets
  • Dulse: a variety of red alga common to the North Atlantic
  • Laver: a generic English term for a variety of edible seaweeds
  • Gamet: a variety of red alga used in the Philippines

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