Cookbook:Sauerkraut II

Sauerkraut II
CategoryFermented recipes
Time6–8 days in summer
12 days in winter

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Ingredients edit

Procedure edit

  1. Remove old leaves from the cabbage heads.
  2. Quarter heads and cut out the cores.
  3. Shred cabbage.
  4. Put cabbage and salt in large pan and mix with hands.
  5. Gently pack into crock using a potato masher.
  6. When crock is nearly full, cover with cloth, plate, and weight.
  7. Check daily and remove scum.
  8. When the kraut is sour enough, you can leave it in crock and seal it with paraffin wax; it can also be sealed in sterilized glass jars, adding enough brine to fill the jar. Process for 15 minutes below boiling point.