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This is the recommended template for ingredients in the cookbook. Please note that this is a guideline; feel free to omit sections that are not applicable.

When writing ingredient pages, be careful not to be too encyclopedic in style. Remember that this is a cookbook, and the information here should primarily serve this purpose.

Include {{ingredient summary}} first, with image and category. The image should be no more than 300px in order to maintain consistent style and formatting across the cookbook.
Ingredient Title (usually autofilled)
CategoryExample category
Follow with {{ingredient}}, along with additional navigation links as appropriate:

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Characteristics edit

Production edit

Seasonality edit

Selection and storage edit

Preparation edit

Note any special preparation an ingredient may need before being used in cooking.

Use edit

Describe how an ingredient is used in various dishes and cuisines.

Recipes edit

Use <categorytree> to add an index of recipes that uses this particular ingredient. 

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