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The pecan is the edible seed of a drupe which is used as a nut and native to North America. It is common in several candies, cookies, and cakes and other items in cuisine from the American South. Pecans are related to hickory nuts, and cultivated chiefly in the United States in the states of Georgia and Texas, though they are found throughout the southern half of the country.

Perhaps most prominently among pecan recipes, the nut is used in pecan pralines — strongly associated with Louisiana, and specifically New Orleans — and pecan pie, often served in the autumn and alongside pumpkin pie during the Thanksgiving holiday in the United States. In addition, butter pecan ice cream is a widely produced ice cream flavor by a variety of American companies, and the Georgia-based Waffle House restaurant chain offers pecans as an addition to its signature waffles and other menu items at locations throughout the United States.

Foods with pecans include edit

  • Pecan pralines
  • Divinity candy
  • Pecan pie
  • Turtles (candy)

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