Cookbook:Pashofa (Chickasaw Pork and Corn)

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Pashofa (Chickasaw Pork and Corn)
Category Corn recipes
Time 4-5 hours

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Pashofa - A Chickasaw main dish which is still eaten. Hogs are not native to the Americas, but escaped and became feral from De Soto's expedition.


  • 900g (2 pounds) of Pashofa (hominy) corn
  • 5kg (1lb) cubed pork chops


  1. Rinse the corn a number of times; pick out floating hulls.
  2. Put rinsed corn into a nice, large pot and put water (7.5cm - 10cm) 3-4 inches over.
  3. Bring corn to a boil and put the pork into the pot.
  4. Turn stove down to medium-low and simmer for two to three hours. Stir occasionally to avoid scorching. You may have to add water as it boils away.

Notes, tips, and variationsEdit

Some people like it thick like stew; some people like it thin like soup with lots of juice. Bacon with grease are sometimes used instead of pork chops. This is an unsalty, bland dish if you just use pork chops. If you like salt and pepper, you will want to put it on after cooking.

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