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Outdoor cooking takes many forms; from basic cooking over a simple camp-fire to gourmet meals prepared on equipment that rivals that found in modern kitchens. Wood, charcoal, propane gas or piped in natural gas may fuel the cooking devices. This is clearly a type of cooking with many variations.

General Rules for Outdoor Food Safety


Plan ahead: decide what you are going to eat and how you are going to cook it; then plan what equipment you will need.

  • Pack safely: use a cooler if car-camping or boating, or pack foods in the frozen state with a cold source if hiking or backpacking. Keep raw foods separate from other foods. Never bring meat or poultry products without a cold source to keep them safe.
  • Bring disposable wipes or biodegradable soap for hand- and dishwashing.
  • Plan on carrying bottled water for drinking. Otherwise, boil water or use water purification tablets.
  • Do not leave trash in the wild or throw it off your boat.
  • If using a cooler, leftover food is safe only if the cooler still has ice in it. Otherwise, discard leftover food.
  • Whether in the wild or on the high seas, protect yourself and your family by washing your hands before and after handling food.