Cookbook:Nigerian Pito

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Pito is a local drink common in Nigeria. Which is for refreshment It is likeable in all tribes in the country and known to almost everyone. In Lagos specifically, pito is majorly hawked in the street in an earthen pot or drum, to keep it chilled.


  • Guinea Corn
  • Sugar (optional)



  • Dry grind guinea corn into powder
  • Pour ground guinea corn into a wide bowl, add enough water to soak
  • Get a spatula and stir for total immersion.
  • After a while, mixture is settled into 2 phases.
  • Drain water away.
  • Pour slurry guinea corn into a pot and set on heat to boil for a while
  • After boiling process. Leave mash for 1day for fermentation process to take place.
  • After keeping for 1complete day, boil mixture again for a few minutes at medium heat.
  • Get your sieve ready.
  • After mixture is boiled, get a wide bowl, pour mixture into it, sieve liquid from mixture into the bowl bit by bit, leaving chaff in the sieve
  • Repeat this process for the rest of the mixture. The liquid gotten from this is your Pito drink
  • At this point, sugar can be added if you so wish. Allow liquid to cool.
  • Locally, Pito is iced and served in calabash.
  • It can also be served in glass cup with ice cubes.
  • Mostly enjoyed in a sunny weather .