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Muffuletta Sandwich
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The muffuletta is a sandwich found in New Orleans, LA, USA. It originates from the Italian community and was first made and popularized at the French Quarter's Central Grocery. It is made from a variety of sausages and cheeses and served with an olive spread on a muffuletta loaf. Other types of round loaves can be substituted if necessary.




  1. Slice bread loaf in half horizontally and spread each cut side with olive spread.
  2. For the authentic Central Grocery muffuletta, layer bottom half of the loaf with salami, ham, Swiss cheese, provolone, mortadella, and a second layer of salami.
  3. Cover with top half of the loaf and press down.
  4. Quarter the muffuletta and serve or wrap the muffuletta tightly in plastic wrap to save for later.