Cookbook:Musakhan II

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  • 200 gr of chopped chicken
  • 300 gr of chopped white onion wings
  • 100 gr of summac
  • 100 gr of various raw nuts
  • black pepper
  • white pepper
  • salt
  • 10 rolls of either Arabic village bread (markouk, or taboun or tannour) or if not available, just use the normal spring rolls pastry


  1. Fry the chicken with the onion
  2. Add the salt and the peppers before the chicken is done, and add the summac 5 minutes from the end of cooking
  3. Fry the raw nuts, when they turn yellow, remove them and add them to the chicken and onions
  4. Roll the mix with the spring roll pastry, deep fry them
  5. Take the spring rolls out of the oil and let them dry on a cooking paper.

Eat them hot or cold.