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Using a microwave oven is a quick and relatively easy way to cook eggs.

Eggs are difficult to cook in a microwave oven if they are not prepared properly. Because of this, certain measures are advised when cooking eggs via a microwave oven.

First, one should pop the egg's yolk and let it leak with the egg's white. When the egg's yolk is not popped, it tends to explode.

Second, one should melt butter and spread it along a bowl before placing the uncooked egg. Otherwise, the egg will stick to the surface of the cookware, thus causing difficulties when cleaning.

Variation IEdit

This method has none of the cons mentioned above.



  1. Put the eggs in a coffee cup with the butter.
  2. Cook on high power for 30 seconds.
  3. Remove from the microwave, stir, and replace.
  4. Cook another 30 seconds on high.

Cooking time may vary slightly depending on the microwave oven's high power default setting.