Cookbook:How to Make a Great Burger

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Some people make "meatloaf" burgers. They put all these seasonings, eggs, and breadcrumbs inside. I want it to taste like a burger, not a grilled meatloaf! In this article, I put some tips on how to cook great burgers that makes me happy.



I actually like to sprinkle the seasonings on the patties once they're formed. That helps make a nice crust. I like to keep it simple. Kosher salt, black pepper, maybe steak rub or cayenne. No garlic, no onion, no meatloaf business.



Making patties is probably the hardest part of burger making. Too much pressure and you get a tough, dry burger. You'll want to make a depression in the center.



Of course, you can always grill your burger, but you can also cook it by frying, broiling, smoking, baking, and sautéing.



To me, a burger means cheese on top, although it is healthier if you just leave it out. My standard is pepper jack since I like spicy food, but that's just me. You can use anything you like. Also, putting some cheese in the center of the burger is worth a try. If you want it nice and melted, place the slice on top and cover for one minute.



We're having hamburgers. You can always dress it with ketchup, mustard, and mayo. I actually like to flavor my condiment. Chipotles work great mixed into ketchup or mayo. Mayo also helps to keep your bread soggy by being sort of a fat barrier blocking the meat juices.