Cookbook:Gluten Veggie Meat

Gluten Veggie Meat
Category Wheat recipes
Servings 14-16
Time 75 minutes

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Gluten Veggie Meat is an excellent supplement for meatless dishes with high protein content. This recipe is essentially made from pure wheat, gluten is a concentrated derivative of wheat.

Many store-bought vegan protein meats are made from gluten.

This particular recipe is very inexpensive and can provide a family with several weeks of meat substitute that is delicious and a fraction of the cost of sustaining a diet that is exclusively animal meat.



  1. In a large bowl, combine the gluten flour, garlic powder, parsley flakes and ¾ cup of water
  2. Mix gluten flour, seasoning and water in bowl
  3. Knead for about 2 minutes, cover and set aside for 10 minutes.
  4. Slice gluten into meat pieces. The smaller the pieces, then firmer the final texture.
  5. Bring large pot w/ lid to boil and add bouillon cubes
  6. Add sliced pieces of gluten to seasoned, boiling water
  7. Reduce heat to subtle simmer
  8. Cover with lid and simmer for 55 minutes, stir occasionally
  9. Drain substantially larger gluten pieces, and place in another bowl to cool
  10. In another bowl with a lid add all-purpose flour, onion powder, and salt; cover and shake
  11. In yet another bowl, pour in soy sauce for dipping
  12. Dip several pieces of cooled gluten in bowl with soy sauce
  13. Next, place gluten pieces in bowl with seasoned flour, cover and shake.
  14. Fry in frying pan with oil until browned

Personally, I use gluten veggie meats in everything. This includes recipes for stroganoff, meatballs, steak, stir-fry, etc. Be creative and enjoy! :-)