Cookbook:Feature requests/Structure recipes should be better structured

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  • Introduction: Categorization and what makes this recipe special, why is it good? i.e. very health, very easy, ingredients easy to find
  • Short list of steps for review
  • Detailed list of steps with pictorials
  • Total amount and Serving Sizes
  • Categorization of the main group of ingredients according to the food pyramid. For example: contains: 3 servings of dairy products, 2 servings of red meat and 1 serving of dark green vegetables
  • Nutritional Information: calories, proteins, fats, etc.
  • Ingredients shopping guide: Create a link to every used ingredient in the recipe to or The ingredient description should contain a picture of a standard package for the food to make it easy to find in the supermarket, also, it should be categorized according to supermarket shelf labels like "groceries".
  • Rating (counter of views, etc.)