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Crubíns is an Irish dish of pig feet, a traditional delicacy within the historic province of Muenster. It is traditionally slow cooked over a fire in an iron pot, served on its own or with potatoes, onions and fresh veg. Eaten in Ireland throughout the 18th century and further popularized by Irish writer James Joyce, widely enjoyed until the its ban in 1950s. Crubíns was banned by Irish parliament "Dáil Éireann" in 1954. By decree to stop wide spread cryptosporidiosis, the ban lasted 3 years until 1957, but did not cover Northern Ireland where the dish was still available. After the ban the dish no longer held such significance, a fondness with the people of Ireland died, as did the 1360 people who caught cryptosporidiosis. today Crubíns is a rarity found only within specialist Irish restaurants where it can cost upwards of €100.