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Cornelian Cherry

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The Cornelian cherry or European cornel is a small red fruit from southern Europe and Southwestern Asia.

Characteristics edit

The fruit is olive-shaped, about ½–1 inch (1–2.5 cm) long, and red in color.[1] The flavor is tart and somewhat astringent, and the seeds are very small.[1][2] The fruits will ripen in late summer to fall, at which point they will fall off the tree.[1][3]

Selection and storage edit

Cornels availability is likely to be highly dependent on geographic location. They are more popular in Eastern Europe and Western Asia,[1][2] where they may be available in local markets where there is demand. Otherwise, you can harvest them yourself by picking the ripe fruits from the ground where they have fallen—don't pick them from the tree.[1]

Use edit

Due to their sourness, the fruits are most commonly used in confections, preserves, syrups, pies, and wines.[1][3] Stewing the fruits with sugar makes a sauce something like the cranberry sauce common to North America.[1]

Recipes edit

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References edit

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