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A wooden cutting board

A cutting board (also known as a chopping board) is a kitchen utensil used as a protective surface on which to cut or slice things. Cutting boards are often made of wood, plastic or cork. Glass cutting boards are also available, and although easy to clean, may dull or damage a knife during use.

Sanitation of cutting boards is crucial in preventing cross contamination and food poisoning. Simply washing a cutting board after use is not sufficient to prevent the growth of bacteria. Boards and knives, regardless of the material from which constructed, must be sanitized after each use with a solution of bleach and water. It is also advisable to cut raw meat, especially poultry products on a separate board from cooked meat or other food items. Cork boards are naturally anti-bacterial and do not require the same kind of maintenance as a wood or plastic board.

To prevent a cutting board from moving or sliding during use, place a clean, slightly wet, kitchen or side towel between the counter and board.

The wood can be maintained with the addition of rubbing it down in mineral oil after washing, do not use vegetable oil as this can go rancid.