Cookbook:Chipotle BBQ Salmon Burgers

Chipotle BBQ Salmon Burgers
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Ingredients Edit

Procedure Edit

  1. Run salmon cubes through a meat grinder on medium setting. Mix with chipotle, sauce, butter, and adobo.
  2. Form into 4 equal patties, about ¾ inch thick. Brush with extra-virgin olive oil and season both sides liberally with seasoning. Set aside.
  3. Preheat grill pan to medium high. Rub with olive oil, then add salmon patties. Grill 5–6 minutes per side for medium rare, or until desired doneness is achieved.
  4. Brush buns with oil. Place a patty on and close. Serve immediately with desired condiments.

Notes, tips, and variations Edit

  • You could try this with a standard grill, but they may not stay together. To cook on a standard grill, follow same directions only with a standard grill.
  • An excellent way to cook them on a grill is by planking. Just soak 2 untreated cedar, applewood, hickory, or mesquite planks in cold water for 1 hour. Air dry overnight, then place on the sides of one burner heated to medium low. Add 2 patties to each plank and insert a probe thermometer into one of them. Cover and cook until temperature is 140°F.