Cookbook:Chiles en Nogada (Stuffed Chile Peppers with Almonds)

Chiles en Nogada (Stuffed Chile Peppers with Almonds)
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Chiles en nogada is a Mexican dish of stuffed chile peppers served with a nut-based sauce (nogada). Read the recipe carefully before preparing. Please note that this is a spicy dish.

Ingredients edit

Chiles edit

Nogada edit

Procedure edit

Chiles edit

  1. Cut the almonds in 2–4 pieces. Peel the peaches, apples, and pears, and chop them up in very tiny pieces. Set aside.
  2. Fry the ground meat in a pan with garlic and salt (to taste) over low heat in a spoonful of oil.
  3. When the meat is cooked, add the fruit and the raisins, and fry for about 4 minutes. Let cool.
  4. Put the poblano peppers on the stove and let them get toasted.
  5. After toasting them put the peppers in water and cut them on one of the long sides. Wash away the veins and the dark toasted spots on them.
  6. Stuff the peppers with the fruit-meat mixture.
  7. Crack and separate the eggs. Whip the whites until puffy, then beat in the flour and yolks until it reaches a yellowish point.
  8. Dip the whole pepper in the yellowish content that you just prepared and put in a pan to fry until light brown. Do repeatedly until done with all the peppers. Set aside while you make the nogada.

Nogada edit

  1. Grind the walnuts, milk, cheese, and rum in the blender for about a minute. After it will look white if done right
  2. Pour over the peppers and enjoy!

Notes, tips, and variation edit

  • To peel almonds yourself, boil them for 60 seconds and then soak them in cold water. You can then slip the skins off.