Cookbook:Century Egg with Ham and Ginger

Century Egg with Ham and Ginger
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The century egg (a.k.a. preserved egg, thousand-year egg, hundred-year egg, hundred-year-old egg, thousand-year-old egg; Chinese: 皮蛋; pinyin: pídàn or Chinese: 松花蛋; pinyin: sōnghūadàn) is a Chinese delicacy made by preserving duck (or less commonly chicken) eggs in a mixture of charcoal and lime for (despite the name) around 100 days. It is greenish in color, has a creamy cheese-like flavor, and a strong aroma.

Ingredients edit

Procedure edit

  1. Wash century eggs clean.
  2. Shell the eggs, and cut each into 4 slices. Cut the pickled stem ginger into thin slices.
  3. Cut the Jinhua ham into thin slices. Soak in water for a while.
  4. Sandwich a slice of ginger with one of ham and a sliced century egg.
  5. Serve with vinegar.