Policy edit

This page represents some local policies concerning this book and the community of people who work on this book.

Authors edit

Any person who has made a contribution to this book may list themselves as an author on the Licensing Page.

Deleting Pages edit

Should a page from this book need to be deleted, it should be nominated on the Main Talk Page of the book. Nominations to delete individual pages from this book should not be taken to WB:VFD.

Language edit

This book was originally authored using American English, and it is requested that future authors of this book attempt to maintain that style.

Images edit

Publication and distribution of this book is more difficult if it must be accompanied by the full text of multiple licenses. The GFDL and the CC-BY-SA licenses are already being included with this book. It is requested, therefore, that all future text contributions and images in this book be released under those licenses.

All images added to this book should be properly documented in the Licensing Page.

Advertising edit

This book has a good book template located at Template:Goodbook/Control Systems. As a featured book, this template may be rotated onto the main page. That template should be formatted in a similar manner to other goodbook templates for display purposes.