Control Systems/Manual of Style

This page is going to serve as a local manual of style for the Control Systems book. Guidelines listed in this page should be followed when adding new content to this book. Sections of the book not conforming to this manual should be changed. To discuss changes to the guidelines on this page, make a note on the discussion page.

Page Formatting edit

Pages should all have the {{Control Systems/Page}} template at the top of the page, and the {{Control Systems/Nav}} template at the bottom of the page. These templates both take 2 optional arguments, the first one is a link to the previous page, and the second one is the link to the next page in the book. These links should be accurate.

Examples edit

Examples should appear in the {{TextBox}} template.

Sidenotes edit

Side notes should appear in the {{SideBox}} template.

New Pages edit

When you create a new page, follow these steps:

  1. Update the main page TOC to show your new page.
  2. Format the page with the {{Control Systems/Page}} and {{Control Systems/Nav}} templates, as described above.
  3. Update the pages before and after your new page, so that their links point to your new page as appropriate.
  4. Add your new page into the full print version of this book, in an appropriate place. Make sure to use the {{Print chapter heading}} template to label the page. Use the {{Print unit page}} template, if necessary, to start a new subject unit.
  5. Add your new page into any of the other printable versions, following the above guidelines, where appropriate. Not every page is appropriate to include into every print version.

New Child Versions edit

"Child versions" represent suggested reading orders for the material in this book. To create a new child version, follow these steps:

  1. Add an entry to Control Systems/All Versions.
  2. Create a new Table of Contents for your child version at "Control Systems/(Child Version Name)", where (Child Version Name) is the title of your child version. Be sure to include the {{Control Systems/Page}}, {{Control Systems/Nav}}, and {{Control Systems/Child}} templates on the Table of Contents page.
  3. Create a new print version at "Control Systems/(Child Version Name)/Print version".
  4. List the length of your child version's printable version on the Control Systems/All Versions page.