Computer Science Design Patterns

The term Design Patterns can confuse you at first, or it can seem like something incredibly difficult. In fact it is nothing more than convenient ways of identifying, labelling and coding general solutions to recurring design problems.

So design patterns are nothing more than commonly occurring patterns in design that are repeatable and generalist enough to be written down and named as software design constructs that all can commonly identify and apply. Note however that a design pattern refers to the logical structure of the code, what it does and how it addresses the issues, not on direct code portability across projects, but in the portability of the way design issues can be addressed.

Imagine yourself working in a project team and someone just wrote a class and is trying to explain to you that only one instance is allowed. Instead the person could simply say "The class I just wrote is a Singleton".

Patterns can be classified in different categories, of which the main categories are: Creational Patterns, Structural Patterns and Behavioral Patterns.

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