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  1. Engineering Acoustics/Filter Design and Implementation
  2. Engineering Acoustics/Transverse vibrations of strings
  3. Engineering Acoustics
  4. Engineering Acoustics/Vocal Folds
  5. Engineering Acoustics/Speed of sound
  6. Engineering Acoustics/Reflection and transmission of planar waves
  7. Engineering Acoustics/Reflection, transmission and refraction of planar waves
  8. Engineering Acoustics/Noise from turbine blades
  9. Engineering Acoustics/Anechoic Tiling
  10. Engineering Acoustics/Hearing Protection
  1. Engineering Acoustics/Print version
  2. Engineering Acoustics/Primary variables of interest
  3. Engineering Acoustics/Electro-acoustic analogies
  4. Engineering Acoustics/Basic Concepts of Underwater Acoustics
  5. Engineering Acoustics/Piezoelectric Acoustic Sensor
  6. Engineering Acoustics/Sonar
  7. Engineering Acoustics/Thunder acoustics
  8. Engineering Acoustics/Acoustic streaming
  9. Engineering Acoustics/Clarinet Acoustics
  10. Engineering Acoustics/Anechoic Tiling

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