Biomedical Engineering Theory And Practice

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Table of contents




  1. Introduction
  2. Physiological System
  3. Physiological Modeling and Simulation
  4. Theory of Bioelectric phenomena
  5. Bioelectric phenomena(Application)
  6. Neuro engineering
  7. Concept of Biomechanics
  8. Biomechanics II,Biomechanics of Bone and Tissue
  9. Biomechanics III,Biomechanics of Auditory System
  10. Biomechanics IV, Biomechanics of Heart and Blood
  11. Biomechanics V, Biomechanics of Blood and Lymphatic transportation
  12. Rehabilitation Engineering
  13. Biomaterials
    1. Requirements of Biomaterials
    2. Classes of Biomaterials
  14. Oncology
  15. Medical Imaging & Analysis
  16. Biotechnology
  17. Biosensors & Biochips
  18. Health Informatics
  19. Clinical Engineering
  20. Ethics
  21. The Technological Tools
  22. Introduction to Biostatistics with R for Bioengineers
    1. Introduction of R
    2. R Language
    3. R Programming
    4. R Graphics
    5. Descriptive statistics with R
    6. A Probability Model from the Sample Data
    7. Statistical Inference
  23. Further reading

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