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Mechanics of Blood Microcirculation edit

Mechanics of Hematocytes edit

Scanning electron micrograph of blood cells. From left to right: human erythrocyte, thrombocyte (platelet), leukocyte.

Newtonian fluid flows edit

Red cells edit

White cells edit

Mechanics of Tissue/Lymphatic Transport edit

Transcapillary Filtration edit

Starling Pressures and Edema Prevention edit

Interstitial Fluid Transport edit

Lymphatic Architecture edit

Lymphatic Morphology edit

Lymphatic Network Display edit

The Intraluminal (Secondary) Lymphatic Valves edit

The Primary Lymphatic Valves edit

Mechanics of Lymphatic Valves edit

Lymph Formation and Pump Mechanisms edit

Tissue Mechanical Motion and Lymphatic Pumping edit

A Lymph Pump Mechanism with Primary and Secondary Valves edit

Further Reading edit

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