Hitchhiking across Sudan — the 11th personal exhibition of traveler and photographer Viktor Pinchuk, held at the Museum of Simferopol History, located on the main street of the Crimean capital, from 8 to 29 July 2014.

Nubian pyramids in Meroë (exhibition work)

Backstory edit

The three-month itinerary, which included six African countries, was full of events, adventures, overnight stays in abandoned buildings, in a flophouses, at the police stations, and other unusual places. The trip coincided with a period of turmoil with clashes between rebels and Sudanese government troops. During less than a month of his stay in the Muslim country, the author of the future exhibition had time to visit several localities, but not everything he planned could be realized. On December 25, 2010, while making his way to the Nuba Mountains, two weeks before the six-day referendum that marked the beginning of Sudan's division into two countries, he was detained by the intelligence services of Sudan in Kadugli and sent to Khartoum.[1]

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