Basics of fine-art photography

The textbook addressed to those who are taking their first steps in photography. The author is more of a practitioner than a theoretician; in addition — the traveler and a supporter of hobo tourism, where, by the way, expensive and bulky photographic equipment is highly undesirable. But this postulate applies not only to long-term expeditions, which including several overseas countries; expensive equipment is the enemy of a novice photographer: after all, you set yourself the goal of creating conceptual artwork, and not showing off professional equipment to friends, right?

"In full readiness" (self-portrait, 2009)
Basics of fine-art photography
A methodical guide for choosing a genre, style, direction, including a description of implementing ways.

The difference between this textbook and many similar ones is that it does not burden the reader with a lot of information and complex terms: the main idea of ​​each article is concentrated in two or three paragraphs, and the intended result can be seen in the author’s works attached to the articles. Experience will come with time, you just need to improve it with constant practice. If your goal is to earn money by mastering the art of photography, just close the page: we are not on the way.

Creator of textbook — Russian photographer/photoartist Viktor Pinchuk, the author of 11 personal exhibitions and art-album "NUances of fantasy". All illustrations are made by the author of textbook.

Content edit

Abstract photography
Archaeological photography
Candid photography
Conceptual photography
Documentary photography
Exotic (extraordinary) dishes, photography of
Experimental photography
Genre photography
High-key lighting
Homeless people photography
Humanistic photography
Interior photography in hobo tours
Macro photography
Minimalist photography
Narrative photography
Necrophoto (photo associated with death)
Neosurrealism photography
Low-key photography
Night photography
Nude photography (art)
Landscape photography
Panoramic photography
Portrait photography
Realism in photography
Reportage photography
Retro photo
Ruins photography
Staged photography
Straight (pure) photography
Travel photography
Street photography
Ethnographic photo genre

Important information edit

Photo artist — who is this and how differs from a photographer.

Personal exhibitions by the textbook author edit

Egypt and Egyptians — Artist's House, Simferopol — 2005, June
Egypt and Egyptians II — Simferopol Art Museum — 2006, February
Lights of Moscow — Russian Cultural Center, Simferopol — 2006, June
Ethiopia through the eyes of traveler — Artist's House, Simferopol — 2006, October
On the roads of India — Artist's House, Simferopol — 2007, April
14 days in Mongolia — Russian Cultural Center, Simferopol — 2007, October
Uganda: tribes and civilization — Artist's House, Simferopol — 2008, June
Tribes of KenyaCentral Museum of Taurida, Simferopol — 2012, March
Egypt and Egyptians III — Russian Cultural Center, Simferopol — 2012, September
January in JapanCentral Museum of Taurida, Simferopol — 2013, October
Hitchhiking across Sudan — Museum of Simferopol History — 2014, July
Afghanistan, 2008Crimean Ethnographic Museum — 2023, February