Basics of fine-art photography/Creating works in a genre photography

Genre photography is the skill of depicting seemingly simple everyday scenes from an artistic perspective.

Viktor Pinchuk "Returning from the field".
Photo from the exhibition "Egypt and Egyptians III"

General information edit

Genre photography and street photography can be considered related concepts, but the former came into being a little earlier. While there are many similarities between these genres, there are also differences: the former focuses on the subject and the latter — on the visual side of the photograph.

Tips edit

In choosing this genre, you should be mobile, agile, observant and has compositional vision.

Each of your works should encourage the viewer to reflect on what came after, and perhaps before, what he see in the photo. If there is no storyline, the photo belongs to a different genre.

More information edit

Ihere are also some similarities between genre photography and reportage photography, with the former necessarily being artistic while the latter may not be so: to illustrate newspaper articles, for example, the images may have minor flaws. This should be borne in mind when you choosing genre.

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