Aspies Book/Dealing with bullying

Introduction Edit

Aspies are much more idiosyncratic than NTs, and consequentially are likely to be victims of all kinds of abusive behavior. This chapter aims to provide information on how to handle and resolve bullying in various environments and circumstances.

School bullying Edit

A very common type of bullying. This happens when person or a group persistently and actively abuses you at school. In all cases you should tell this to your parents, often persistently in order to make them realize that you are serious. Self-defence is perfectly justifiable, since caring teachers, administrations or faculties are unrealistic.

Locations and possible encounters Edit

These are possible encounters in various places during the break.

The yard Edit

Toilets/Restrooms Edit

The stairs Edit

  • Being punched at, by an entity (a person or a group)

Later bullying Edit