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صحف للمحررين

For Editors


Information for those helping with the production of the text.

You can contribute. These pages are freely editable.

If you find a mistake, especially spelling mistakes correct it. If you find a mistake, but are not sure if it is a mistake, go to the discussion page by clicking on the discussion tab at the top of the page. Once you reach the Discussion page click edit, and add your comment to the bottom of the discussion page.

If you want to add content, please do. The best would be to add it to a new page. First do it by editing a page, and adding a link in the source. Save the page. Click on the new link you created, | it should be red, if it is not red, The address of the link is wrong. Change the link name by changing what is written before the vertical line between the groups of two brackets. | You will then find yourself at a new page, where you can begin writing.

There are a few conventions of this book that you should follow. These conventions are on the conventions page. It is always better to check the focus of construction page to determine where your contribution is most needed.

Tasks (How you can help)


Contribute to Unit 1 (Learning the alphabet, and reading, and writing), Especially in planning it.



Working Grounds