This is the plan for the Layout of the units.

Unit 1-Reading and Writing

  • The alphabet
    • Arabic vowelling symbols تشكيل
  • Ligatures, varieties of ways of connecting letters
  • Writing and reading words

Unit 2-Sentence Fragments and Sentences

  • Using a word to make a sentence, then Adding a word to make it a sentence fragment
  • Connecting Verbs (to be, to seem),
  • (to go)
  • Prepositions
  • Yes-no questions
  • qaala
  • anna,inna

Unit 3- Pronouns and Noun Morphology

  • All pronouns
  • Prepsitions with pronoun suffixes
  • Semitic radicals/3 constant system
    • Many words
  • Singular, Dual and Plural versions of nouns
  • All question words
  • Be able to pronounce and hear all Arabic Constants

Once this Unit is done.

Unit 4- Arabic Verbs

  • perfect
  • imperfect indicative
  • recognizing negation

Show Verb type 1 only.

Unit 5- Adverbs, more words, and sentence connectors


Unit 6- Final correct conjugation


-Moods -Passive Voice

  • Practice conjugation/get used to it

Unit 7- Noun morphology- nouns derived from verbs

  • Verbal nouns
  • Participles
  • For the first 10 types of verbs
  • Be able to recognize perfect, and imperfect conjugations of all 10

Unit 8-Conjugating verb types 3 to 10

  • New Vocab
  • IF

Unit 9-Finishing Arabic Numbers

  • Arabic Numbers
  • Describing position
  • Describing time
  • Describing how often
  • Describing how much and how many


  • How to use a verb chart
  • How to use a Pronoun chart
  • What each pronoun chart indicates
  • Verb Charts
  • Pronoun Charts
  • Prepositions + Word Charts