Arabic/Book/Authoring Rules

These are rules, subject to change, and capable of being broken.

  1. Teach mainly the Standard Arabic (often known as "fuS-Ha"). Parts explaining more local language should be distinct from the Standard. Links to pages about learning another dialect may be linked to the appropriate sections.
  2. Provide exercises for lessons. Provide keys (pages with the answers for the exercises).
  3. An Arabic word must be represented in Arabic Script.
  4. Transliteration should be provided, for the beginner levels (i.e. Most if not all levels).
  5. Phrases should have each word translated, along with the whole phrase translated. This will be explained in an article.
  6. Keep it simple. If you can teach it without using grammatical terms, do it. Grammatical terms should be included where they would be helpful, to experienced language learners, but the text must be understandable, that is, without the user needing to understand the grammatical terms.