Annotated Republic of China Laws

The Laws of the Republic of China (ROC) are passed by the Legislative Yuan and promulgated by the President. The ROC was based in Mainland China from 1912 to 1949. Meanwhile, Taiwan was a Japanese external territory until the Retrocession on 25 October 1945. Then the ROC lost Mainland to the Communists in the Chinese Civil War in 1949 and retreated with its Laws to Taiwan. The ROC Laws may thereafter be informally known as the Laws of Taiwan or Taiwanese Laws.

This book annotates the ROC Laws that tend to be frequently amended. Past versions may remain important in legal processes. To make reading and maintenance simpler, unchanged articles are grouped together per Law and amended articles are shown in separate pages to ease historical comparison. Wikisource accepts translated unchanged Laws, but once any articles are amended, they will be imported here.

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As the ROC officially speaks Mandarin Chinese only, English translations are for informal reference only. In case of formal legal needs, the original traditional Chinese versions shall always prevail. This book does not provide legal advice.

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Article 9 of the Copyright Act in effect in Taiwan:

"The following items shall not be the subject matter of copyright:

  1. The constitution, acts, regulations, or official documents.
  2. Translations or compilations by central or local government agencies of works
  3. ......

The term "official documents" in the first subparagraph of the preceding paragraph includes proclamations, text of speeches, news releases, and other documents prepared by civil servants in the course of carrying out their duties."

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The United States Copyright Office considers a law an edict of government and not copyrightable based on earlier judicial case laws.

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However, private translations of laws may be copyright-restricted and thus unacceptable here. This book tries to use governmental translations without copyright restriction as noted. Otherwise, this book may have wiki users' translations under the CC-BY-SA 3.0 License and the GFDL.

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The Ministry of Justice is very inconsistent to prefix or omit the article "the", thus noting ", The" after the following links as in the sources, while left out of the titles of the subpages.

Chinese Wikisource link English translation Source
s:zh:中華民國六十一年度公債發行條例 1972 Public Bond Issuance Act [1]
s:zh:中華民國六十二年度公債發行條例 1973 Public Bond Issuance Act [2]
s:zh:會計師法 Accountant Act, Certified Public [3]
s:zh:會計法 (中華民國) Accounting Act [4]
s:zh:訴願法 Administrative Appeal Act [5]
s:zh:行政執行法 Administrative Execution Act, The [6]
s:zh:行政罰法 Administrative Penalty Act [7]
s:zh:行政程序法 Administrative Procedure Act [8]
s:zh:農業發展條例 Agricultural Development Act [9]
s:zh:農產品生產及驗證管理法 Agricultural Production and Certification Act [10]
s:zh:農產品市場交易法 Agricultural Products Market Transaction Act [11]
s:zh:農業科技園區設置管理條例 Agricultural Technology Parks, Act of Establishment and Administration of [12]
s:zh:農藥管理法 Agro-pesticides Management Act [13]
s:zh:空氣污染防制法 Air Pollution Control Act [14]
s:zh:娛樂稅法 Amusement Tax Act [15]
s:zh:動物傳染病防治條例 Animal Disease, Statute for Prevention and Control of Infectious [16]
s:zh:畜牧法 (中華民國) Animal Industry Act [17]
s:zh:動物保護法 Animal Protection Act [18]
s:zh:貪污治罪條例 (前戡亂時期貪污治罪條例) Anti-Corruption Act [19]
s:zh:耕地三七五減租條例 Arable Rent Reduction Act, The 37.5% [20]
s:zh:仲裁法 (中華民國) (前商務仲裁條例) Arbitration Law of ROC, The [21]
s:zh:建築師法 Architects Act [22]
s:zh:檔案法 (中華民國) Archives Act [23]
s:zh:陸海空軍軍官士官任職條例 Armed Forces, Act of Assignment for Officers And Noncommissioned Officers of the [24]
s:zh:陸海空軍軍官士官任官條例 Armed Forces, Act of Commission for Officers and Noncommissioned Officers of the; Armed Forces, Commission Act for Officers and Noncommissioned Officers of the [25]
s:zh:陸海空軍軍旗條例 (附圖) Armed Forces, Act of Ensign of the (with attachment) [26]
s:zh:陸海空軍獎勵條例 Armed Forces, Act of Medal of Honor of the [27]
s:zh:陸海空軍軍官士官考績條例 Armed Forces, Act of Merit for Officers and Noncommissioned Officers of the [28]
s:zh:陸海空軍軍官士官服役條例 (附表) Armed Forces, Act of Military Service for Officers and Noncommissioned Officers of the (with attachment) [29]
s:zh:陸海空軍懲罰法 Armed Forces, Act of Punishment of the [30]
s:zh:陸海空軍刑法 Armed Forces, Criminal Code of the [31]
s:zh:陸海空軍勳賞條例 Arm Forces Decoration Act [32]
s:zh:陸海空軍服制條例 (附圖) Armed Forces Uniforms Act (with attachment) [33]
s:zh:陸軍服制條例 (廢止) Army, Uniforms Act of the (abolished) [34]
s:zh:人工生殖法 Artificial Reproduction Act [35]
s:zh:藝術教育法 Arts Education Act [36]
s:zh:集會遊行法 (前動員戡亂時期集會遊行法) Assembly and Parade Act [37]
s:zh:原子能法 Atomic Energy Law of The Republic of China, The English Text of [38]
s:zh:律師法 (中華民國) Attorney Regulation Act [39]
s:zh:審計法 (中華民國) Audit Act [40]
s:zh:審計處室組織通則 Audit Divisions and Offices, The Organization Act of the [41]
s:zh:審計部組織法 Audit Office, The Organization Act of the National [42]
s:zh:審計人員任用條例 Audit staff, Act of the Appointment of the [43]
s:zh:飛航事故調查法 Aviation Occurrence Investigation Act [44]
s:zh:銀行法 (中華民國) Banking Act of The Republic of China, The [45]
s:zh:銀行業戰前存款放款清償條例 banking industry in the prewar period, Ordinance for paying off the deposits and the loans established in the [46]
s:zh:破產法 (中華民國) Bankruptcy Act [47] [48]
s:zh:票券金融管理法 Bills Finance Business, The Act Governing [49]
s:zh:生技新藥產業發展條例 Biotech And New Pharmaceuticals Industry, Act For The Development Of [50]
s:zh:記帳士法 Bookkeepers Act, Certified Public [51]
s:zh:預算法 (中華民國) Budget Act [52]
s:zh:主計機構人員設置管理條例 Budget, Accounting and Statistics Agencies and BAS Personnel, Statues for Establishment and Management of [53]
s:zh:建築法 (中華民國) Building Act [54]
s:zh:商業會計法 Business Entity Accounting Act [55]
s:zh:企業併購法 Business Mergers And Acquisitions Act [56]
s:zh:商業登記法 (中華民國) Business Registration Act [57]
s:zh:有線廣播電視法 Cable Radio and Television Act [58]
s:zh:地籍清理條例 Cadastral Clearance Act [59]
s:zh:癌症防治法 Cancer Control Act [60]
s:zh:殺傷性地雷管制條例 Casualty Mine Control Act [61]
s:zh:中央行政機關組織基準法 Central Administrative Agencies Organizations, Basic Code Governing [62]
s:zh:中央銀行法 Central Bank of the Republic of China (Taiwan) Act, The [63]
s:zh:中央政府機關總員額法 Central Government Agencies, Act Governing the Total Number of Personnel Headcounts of [64]
s:zh:中央政府建設公債及借款條例 Central Government Development Bonds and Loans Act [65]
s:zh:中央政府興建臺灣區高速公路第一期工程建設公債發行條例 Central Government Development Bond for the First Phase National Freeway Construction Project in Taiwan, Act Governing the Issuance of the [66]
s:zh:行政院人事行政局組織條例 (廢止) Central Personnel Administration Organizational Act (abolished) [67]
s:zh:中央警察大學組織條例 (前中央警官學校組織條例) Central Police University, Organization Act of the (formerly Organic Act for the Central Police Officers School) [68]
s:zh:中央法規標準法 Central Regulation Standard Act [69]
s:zh:中央信託局條例 Central Trust of China, Act of the [70]
s:zh:規費法 Charges and Fees Act [71]
s:zh:公益勸募條例 Charity Donations Destined For Social Welfare Funds Implementation Regulations [72]
s:zh:兒童及少年性交易防制條例 Child and Youth Sexual Transaction Prevention Act [73]
s:zh:兒童及少年福利與權益保障法 (前兒童及少年福利法) Children and Youths Welfare and Rights Act, The Protection of (formerly Children and Youth Welfare Law) [74]
s:zh:中國輸出入銀行條例 China, The Export-import Bank of the Republic of China Act Taiwan, Republic of [75]
s:zh:人民團體法 (前動員戡亂時期人民團體法、非常時期人民團體組織法) Civil Associations Act [76]
s:zh:民用航空法 (中華民國) Civil Aviation Act [77]
s:zh:民法第一編總則 Civil Code/Part I [78]
s:zh:民法總則施行法 Civil Code, Enforcement Act of the Part of General Principles of the [79]
s:zh:民法第二編債 Civil Code/Part II [80]
s:zh:民法債編施行法 Civil Code, Enforcement Act of the Part of Obligations of the [81]
s:zh:民法第三編物權 Civil Code/Part III [82]
s:zh:民法物權編施行法 Civil Code, Enforcement Act of the Part of Rights In Rem of the [83]
s:zh:民法第四編親屬 Civil Code/Part IV [84]
s:zh:民法親屬編施行法 Civil Code, Enforcement Law for Part IV, Family Law of the [85]
s:zh:民法第五編繼承 Civil Code/Part V [86]
s:zh:民法繼承編施行法 Civil Code, Enforcement Law for Part V, Succession Law of the [87]
s:zh:民防法 Civil Defense Act [88]
s:zh:涉外民事法律適用法 Civil Matters Involving Foreign Elements, Act Governing the Choice of Law in [89]
s:zh:民事訴訟法 (中華民國) Civil Procedure, Taiwan Code of [90]
s:zh:民事訴訟法施行法 Enforcement Act of the Code of Civil Procedure [91]
s:zh:公務人員協會法 Civil Servant Association Act [92]
s:zh:公務人員交代條例 Civil Servants, Act Governing the Handover of [93]
s:zh:公職人員選舉罷免法 Civil Servants Election and Recall Act [94]
s:zh:公務人員保障法 Civil Service Protection Act [95]
s:zh:公務人員保障暨培訓委員會組織法 Civil Service Protection and Training Commission Organizational Act [96]
s:zh:公務人員訓練進修法 Civil Service Training and Continuing Education Act [97]
s:zh:海岸巡防法 Coast Guard Act, The [98]
s:zh:團體協約法 Collective Agreement Act; Collective Bargaining Agreement Act [99] [100]
s:zh:商業團體法 Commercial Group Act [101]
s:zh:商港法 Commercial Port Law, The [102]
s:zh:商品檢驗法 Commodity Inspection Act, The [103]
s:zh:商品標示法 Commodity Labeling Act [104]
s:zh:貨物稅條例 Commodity Tax Act [105]
s:zh:傳染病防治法 (中華民國) (前傳染病防治條例) Communicable Disease Control Act [106]
s:zh:通訊保障及監察法 Communication Security and Surveillance Act, The [107]
s:zh:通訊傳播基本法 Communications Act, Fundamental [108]
s:zh:動員戡亂時期臨時條款 (廢止) Communist Rebellion, Temporary Provisions Effective During the Period of (abolished)
s:zh:公司法 (中華民國) Company Act [109]
s:zh:強制汽車責任保險法 Compulsory Automobile Liability Insurance Act [110]
s:zh:公寓大廈管理條例 Condominium Administration Act Building Administration Division [111]
s:zh:中華民國憲法增修條文 Constitution of the Republic of China, The Additional Articles of the [112]
s:zh:營造業法 Construction Industry Act [113]
s:zh:工程受益費徵收條例 (前市縣工程受益費徵收條例) Construction Project, Statute for Collection of Community Development Fees by [114]
s:zh:消費者保護法 Consumer Protection Act [115]
s:zh:監察法 (中華民國) Control Act [116]
s:zh:監察院組織法 Control Yuan, Organic Law of the [117]
s:zh:監察院各委員會組織法 Control Yuan Committees, Organic Act of the [118]
s:zh:管制藥品管理條例 (前麻醉藥品管理條例) Controlled Drugs Act [119]
s:zh:合作社法 Cooperatives Act [120]
s:zh:著作權法 (中華民國) Copyright Act [121]
s:zh:著作權集體管理團體條例 (前著作權仲介團體條例) Copyright Collective Management Organization Act [122]
s:zh:化粧品衛生管理條例 Cosmetic Hygiene, Statute for Control of [123]
s:zh:軍事審判法 Court Martial Procedure, Code of [124]
s:zh:信用合作社法 Credit Cooperatives Act Of The Republic Of China, The [125]
s:zh:儲蓄互助社法 Credit Union Act [126]
s:zh:犯罪被害人保護法 Crime Victim Protection Act [127]
s:zh:中華民國刑法 Criminal Code of the Republic of China [128]
s:zh:中華民國刑法施行法 Criminal Code of the Republic of China, Enforcement Law of the [129]
s:zh:刑事訴訟法施行法 Criminal Procedure, Enforcement Rules of the Code of the [130]
s:zh:刑事訴訟法 (中華民國) Criminal Procedure, The Code of [131]
s:zh:刑事妥速審判法 Criminal Speedy Trial Act, The [132]
s:zh:文化藝術獎助條例 Culture and Arts Reward Act [133]
s:zh:文化創意產業發展法 Cultural and Creative Industries, Law for the Development of the [134]
s:zh:文化資產保存法 Cultural Heritage Preservation Act [135]
s:zh:關稅法 (中華民國) Customs Act [136]
s:zh:海關緝私條例 Customs Anti-smuggling Act [137]
s:zh:海關進口稅則 (附表) Customs Import Tariff (with attachment) [138]
s:zh:關務人員人事條例 (附表) Customs Personnel Management Act (with attachment) [139]
s:zh:契稅條例 Deed Tax Act [140]
s:zh:學位授予法 Degree Conferral Law [141]
s:zh:存款保險條例 (中華民國) Deposit Insurance Act [142]
s:zh:羈押法 Detention Act [143]
s:zh:發展觀光條例 Development of Tourism, Act for the [144]
s:zh:營養師法 Dietitian Act [145]
s:zh:駐外外交領事人員任用條例 Diplomatic and Consular Personnel Stationed Overseas, Act Governing the Employment of [146]
s:zh:駐外機構組織通則 Diplomatic Missions of the Republic of China (Taiwan), Organization Act of [147]
s:zh:災害防救法 Disaster Prevention and Protection Act [148]
s:zh:去氧核醣核酸採樣條例 DNA Sampling Act [149]
s:zh:家庭暴力防治法 Domestic Violence Prevention Act [150]
s:zh:飲用水管理條例 Drinking Water Management Act [151]
s:zh:戒治處分執行條例 Drug Abuser Treatment, Act of Execution of [152]
s:zh:藥害救濟法 Drug Injury Relief Act [153]
s:zh:幼兒教育及照顧法 Early Childhood Education and Care Act [154]
s:zh:經濟部智慧財產局組織條例 Economic Affairs, Act of the Organization of Intellectual Property Office, Ministry of [155]
s:zh:教育經費編列與管理法 Education Expenditures Act, The Compilation and Administration of [156]
s:zh:教育部組織法 Education, Organization Act of the Ministry of [157]
s:zh:教育會法 Educational Association Act [158]
s:zh:教育基本法 (中華民國) Educational Fundamental Act [159]
s:zh:教育人員任用條例 Educators, Act of Governing the Appointment of [160]
s:zh:老年農民福利津貼暫行條例 Elderly Farmers, Provisional Act Governing the Welfare Allowance for [161]
s:zh:地方民意代表費用支給及村里長事務補助費補助條例 (附表) Elected Representatives and Subsidies for Village Heads and Wardens, Regulations on Allowances for (with attachment) [162]
s:zh:電業法 Electricity Act, The [163]
s:zh:電子遊戲場業管理條例 Electronic Game Arcade Business Regulation Act [164]
s:zh:電子支付機構管理條例 Electronic Payment Institutions, The Act Governing [165]
s:zh:電子票證發行管理條例 Electronic Stored Value Cards, Act Governing Issuance of [166]
s:zh:緊急醫療救護法 Emergency Medical Services Act [167]
s:zh:職工福利金條例 Employee Welfare Fund Act; Employees' Welfare Funds Act [168] [169]
s:zh:就業保險法 Employment Insurance Act [170]
s:zh:就業服務法 Employment Services Act [171]
s:zh:能源管理法 Energy Administration Act [172]
s:zh:環境用藥管理法 Environmental Agents Control Act [173]
s:zh:環境教育法 Environmental Education Act [174]
s:zh:環境影響評估法 Environmental Impact Assessment Act [175]
s:zh:平均地權條例 Equalization of Land Rights Act, The [176]
s:zh:遺產及贈與稅法 Estate and Gift Tax Act [177]
s:zh:典試法 Examination Affairs Act [178]
s:zh:中華民國專屬經濟海域及大陸礁層法 Exclusive Economic Zone and the Continental Shelf of the Republic of China, Law on the [179]
s:zh:行政院海岸巡防署海洋巡防總局組織條例 (廢止) Executive Yuan, The Act of Organization for Maritime Patrol Directorate General, Coast Guard Administration, (abolished) [180]
s:zh:行政院勞工委員會職業訓練局組織條例 Executive Yuan, Organic Act of Bureau of Employment and Vocational Training of the Council of the Labor Affairs of the [181]
s:zh:行政院主計處組織法 Executive Yuan, Organic Act of Directorate General of Budget, Accounting and Statistics, [182]
s:zh:行政院環境保護署環境保護人員訓練所組織條例 Executive Yuan, Organic Act of the Environmental Professionals Training Institute, Environmental Protection Administration, [183]
s:zh:行政院環境保護署組織條例 Executive Yuan, Organic Act of the Environmental Protection Administration, [184]
s:zh:行政院大陸委員會組織條例 Executive Yuan, Organic Act of the Mainland Affairs Council of the [185]
s:zh:行政院環境保護署環境檢驗所組織條例 Executive Yuan, Organic Act of the National Institute of Environmental Analysis, Environmental Protection Administration, [186]
s:zh:行政院海岸巡防署組織法 (廢止) Executive Yuan, Organization Act of the Coast Guard Administration, (abolished) [187]
s:zh:行政院人事行政總處組織法 Executive Yuan, The Organization Act of the Directorate-General of Personnel Administration, [188]
s:zh:行政院國家科學委員會組織條例 Executive Yuan, Organization Act of the National Science Council of the [189]
s:zh:行政院研究發展考核委員會組織條例 Executive Yuan, The Organization Act of the Research, Development and Evaluation Commission, [190]
s:zh:行政院原住民族委員會組織條例 (前行政院原住民委員會組織條例) Executive Yuan Organization Bylaws, Council Of Indigenous Peoples [191]
s:zh:行政院海岸巡防署海岸巡防總局組織條例 (廢止) Executive Yuan, Organizational Act of Coastal Patrol Directorate General in the Coast Guard Administration, (abolished) [192]
s:zh:行政院海岸巡防署海岸巡防總局各地區巡防局組織通則 (廢止) Executive Yuan, Organizational Act Of Regional Patrol Agency Of Coastal Patrol Directorate General In The Coast Guard Administration, (abolished) [193]
s:zh:行政院農業委員會動植物防疫檢疫局組織條例 Executive Yuan, Organizational Act of the Bureau of Animal and Plant Health Inspection and Quarantine, Council of Agriculture, [194]
s:zh:行政院農業委員會組織條例 Executive Yuan, Organizational Act of the Council of Agriculture, [195]
s:zh:行政院組織法 Executive Yuan, Organizational Act of the [196]
s:zh:科技產業園區設置管理條例 (前加工出口區設置管理條例) Export Processing Zone, Statute for the Establishment and Administration of [197]
s:zh:引渡法 (中華民國) Extradition, Law of [198]
s:zh:工廠管理輔導法 Factory Management Act [199]
s:zh:公平交易法 Fair Trade Act [200]
s:zh:家庭教育法 Family Education Act [201]
s:zh:農地重劃條例 Farmland Readjustment Act [202]
s:zh:農會法 Farmers Association Act, The [203]
s:zh:農民健康保險條例 Farmer Health Insurance Act [204]
s:zh:二二八事件處理及賠償條例 (前二二八事件處理及補償條例) February 28 Incident Disposition and Compensation Act, The [205]
s:zh:飼料管理法 Feed control act [206]
s:zh:肥料管理法 Fertilizer Management Act [207]
s:zh:財政部組織法 Finance, The Organic Act of the Ministry of [208]
s:zh:財政部各地區國稅局組織通則 Finance, The Organic Statute for the Regional National Taxation Bureaus, Ministry of [209]
s:zh:財政部國庫署組織條例 Finance, Organization Act of the Department of National Treasury of the Ministry of [210]
s:zh:財政部賦稅署組織法 Finance, Organizational Act of Taxation Administration, Ministry of [211]
s:zh:金融資產證券化條例 Financial Asset Securitization Act [212]
s:zh:金融消費者保護法 Financial Consumer Protection Act [213]
s:zh:金融控股公司法 Financial Holding Company Act [214]
s:zh:金融機構合併法 Financial Institutions Merger Act The [215]
s:zh:行政院金融重建基金設置及管理條例 Financial Restructuring Fund, Act for the Establishment and Administration of the [216]
s:zh:決算法 Financial Statement Act [217]
s:zh:金融監督管理委員會檢查局組織法 (前行政院金融監督管理委員會檢查局組織法) Financial Supervision Commission, Organic Act Governing the Establishment of the Financial Examination Bureau, [218]
s:zh:金融監督管理委員會組織法 (前行政院金融監督管理委員會組織法) Financial Supervisory Commission, Organic Act Governing the Establishment of the [219]
s:zh:金融監督管理委員會證券期貨局組織法 (前行政院金融監督管理委員會證券期貨局組織法) Financial Supervisory Commission, Organic Act of the Securities and Futures Bureau, [220]
s:zh:金融監督管理委員會銀行局組織法 (前行政院金融監督管理委員會銀行局組織法) Financial Supervisory Commission, Organic Law of Banking Bureau, [221]
s:zh:金融監督管理委員會保險局組織法 (前行政院金融監督管理委員會保險局組織法) Financial Supervisory Commission, The Organic Act of Insurance Bureau, [222]
s:zh:罰金罰鍰提高標準條例 (前戡亂時期罰金罰鍰提高標準條例、戡亂時期罰金罰鍰裁判費執行費公證費提高標準條例) (廢止) Fines, Act of Criteria on Raise of (abolished) [223]
s:zh:財務罰鍰處理暫行條例 Fines, Temporary Act on the Allocation of [224]
s:zh:消防法 (中華民國) Fire Services Act [225]
s:zh:爆竹煙火管理條例 Firework and Firecracker Management Act [226]
s:zh:漁業法 (中華民國) Fisheries Act, The [227]
s:zh:漁會法 Fishermen Association Act, The [228]
s:zh:漁港法 Fishing Port Act [229]
s:zh:水患治理特別條例 Flood Management, Special Act for [230]
s:zh:糧食管理法 Food Administration Act [231]
s:zh:食品安全衛生管理法 (前食品衛生管理法) Food Sanitation, Act Governing [232]
s:zh:外交部組織法 Foreign Affairs, Executive Yuan, Organization Act of the Ministry of [233]
s:zh:外交部及駐外館處文件證明條例 Foreign Affairs and Overseas Missions, Document Legalization Act for the Ministry of [234]
s:zh:管理外匯條例 Foreign Exchange Control Act [235]
s:zh:外國人投資條例 Foreign Nationals, Statute For Investment By [236]
s:zh:外國護照簽證條例 Foreign Passports, Statute Governing the Issuance of ROC Visas in [237]
s:zh:外國專業人才延攬及僱用法 Foreign Professionals, Act for the Recruitment and Employment of [238]
s:zh:森林法 (中華民國) Forestry Act, The [239]
s:zh:卸任總統副總統禮遇條例 Former Presidents and Vice Presidents, Act of Courtesy for [240]
s:zh:自由貿易港區設置管理條例 Free trade zones, Act for the Establishment and Management of [241]
s:zh:期貨交易法 Futures Trading Act [242]
s:zh:期貨交易稅條例 Futures Transaction Tax Act [243]
s:zh:性別工作平等法 (前兩性工作平等法) Gender Equality in Employment, Act of; Gender Equality in Employment Act [244] [245]
s:zh:性別平等教育法 Gender Equity Education Act [246]
s:zh:優生保健法 Genetic Health Act [247]
s:zh:政風機構人員設置管理條例 (前政風機構人員設置條例) Government Employee Ethics Units and Officers, Act of the Establishment and Management of the [248]
s:zh:政府採購法 (中華民國) Government Procurement Act [249]
s:zh:公營事業移轉民營條例 Government-Owned Enterprises, Statute of Privatization of [250]
s:zh:財政收支劃分法 Government Revenues and Expenditures, Act Governing the Allocation of [251]
s:zh:政府發展經濟社會向國外借款及保證條例 Government to Develop Economy and Society, Act Governing Foreign Loans and Guarantee for [252]
s:zh:公庫法 Government Treasury Act [253]
s:zh:槍砲彈藥刀械管制條例 Guns, Ammunition and Knives Act, Controlling [254]
s:zh:客家基本法 Hakka Basic Act [255]
s:zh:特殊境遇家庭扶助條例 (前特殊境遇婦女家庭扶助條例) Hardship, Act of Assistance for Family in [256]
s:zh:衛生福利部組織法 Health and Welfare, Organic Act for Ministry of [257]
s:zh:衛生福利部食品藥物管理署組織法 (前行政院衛生署食品藥物管理局組織法) Health and Welfare, Organization Act of the Food and Drug Administration, Ministry of [258]
s:zh:衛生福利部中央健康保險署組織法 (前行政院衛生署中央健康保險局組織法、中央健康保險局組織條例) Health and Welfare, The Organization Act of the National Health Insurance Administration, Ministry of [259]
s:zh:健康食品管理法 Health Food Control Act [260]
s:zh:聽力師法 Hearing Specialists Act [261]
s:zh:公路法 (中華民國) Highway Act [262]
s:zh:人類免疫缺乏病毒傳染防治及感染者權益保障條例 (前後天免疫缺乏症候群防治條例) HIV Infection Control and Patient Rights Protection Act (formerly AIDS Prevention and Control Act) [263] [264]
s:zh:香港澳門關係條例 Hong Kong and Macau, Act Governing Relations with [265]
s:zh:安寧緩和醫療條例 Hospice Palliative Care Act [266]
s:zh:溫泉法 (中華民國) Hot Spring Act [267]
s:zh:房屋稅條例 (前房捐條例) House Tax Act [268]
s:zh:戶籍法 (中華民國) Household Registration Act [269]
s:zh:住宅法 Housing Act [270]
s:zh:解剖屍體條例 Human Autopsy Act [271]
s:zh:人體生物資料庫管理條例 Human Biobank Management Act [272]
s:zh:人體器官移植條例 (中華民國) Human Organ Transplant Act [273]
s:zh:人體研究法 Human Subjects Research Act [274]
s:zh:人口販運防制法 Human Trafficking Prevention Act [275]
s:zh:入出國及移民法 Immigration Act [276]
s:zh:所得基本稅額條例 Income Basic Tax Act [277]
s:zh:所得稅法 (中華民國) Income Tax Act [278]
s:zh:原住民保留地禁伐補償條例 (前原住民保留地禁伐補償及造林回饋條例) Indigenous Forest Conservation Act for Logging Ban Eco-Compensation and Reforestation Payback Reward for Lands Reserved for Indigenous Peoples, The
s:zh:原住民族基本法 Indigenous Peoples Basic Law, The [279]
s:zh:財團法人原住民族文化事業基金會設置條例 Act for the Establishment of the Indigenous Peoples Cultural Foundation [280]
s:zh:原住民族教育法 Indigenous Peoples, Education Act for [281]
s:zh:原住民族工作權保障法 Indigenous Peoples Employment Rights Protection Act [282]
s:zh:原住民族傳統智慧創作保護條例 indigenous peoples, Protection Act for the traditional intellectual creations of [283]
s:zh:原住民身分法 Indigenous Peoples, Status Act For [284]
s:zh:事業用爆炸物管理條例 Industrial Explosives Administrative Act [285]
s:zh:工業團體法 Industrial Group Act [286]
s:zh:產業創新條例 Industrial Innovation, Statute for [287]
s:zh:工業技術研究院設置條例 Industrial Technology Research Institute Establishment Act [288]
s:zh:保險法 (中華民國) Insurance Act [289]
s:zh:積體電路電路布局保護法 Integrated Circuit Layout Protection Act [290]
s:zh:智慧財產案件審理法 Intellectual Property Case Adjudication Act [291]
s:zh:智慧財產法院組織法 (附表) Intellectual Property Court Organization Act (with attachment) [292]
s:zh:內政部警政署組織法 Interior, National Police Agency Organization Act, Ministry of the [293]
s:zh:內政部空中勤務總隊組織法 Interior, Organization Act of National Airborne Service Corps, Ministry of the [294]
s:zh:內政部消防署組織條例 Interior, The Organization Act of National Fire Agency, Ministry of the [295]
s:zh:內政部移民署組織法 (前內政部入出國及移民署組織法) Interior, Organization Act of the National Immigration Agency, Ministry of the [296]
s:zh:國際機場園區發展條例 International Airport Park Development Act [297]
s:zh:國際合作發展基金會設置條例 International Cooperation and Development Fund, Act for the Establishment of the [298]
s:zh:投資經營非我國籍漁船管理條例 Investment in the Operation of Foreign Flag Fishing Vessels, Ordinance to Govern [299]
s:zh:農田水利會組織通則 Irrigation Association Organization, The Act of [300]
s:zh:日據時代株式會社台灣銀行海外分支機構存款及匯款處理條例 (前日據時代株式會社台灣銀行海外分支機構特別當座預金處理條例) Japanese Colonial Era, Statute for Managing Deposits and Remittance in Bank of Taiwan’s Overseas Branches during [301]
s:zh:法官法 (中華民國) Judges Act [302]
s:zh:司法院組織法 Judicial Yuan Organization Act, The [303]
s:zh:法務部調查局組織法 (前法務部調查局組織條例、司法行政部調查局組織條例) Justice, Organic Act for Investigation Bureau, Ministry of [304]
s:zh:法務部廉政署組織法 Justice, Organic Act of the Agency Against Corruption, Ministry of [305]
s:zh:法務部調查局幹部訓練所組織條例 (前司法行政部調查局幹部訓練所組織條例) Justice, Organization Statue for Training Academy, Investigation Bureau, Ministry of [306]
s:zh:少年觀護所設置及實施通則 (前少年觀護所條例) Juvenile Detention Houses, Statute on the Establishment of [307]
s:zh:少年矯正學校設置及教育實施通則 Juvenile Reformatory Schools and Enforcement of Education, The Act of the Establishment of [308]
s:zh:專科學校法 Junior College Law [309]
s:zh:少年事件處理法 Juvenile Delinquency Act [310]
s:zh:基隆河流域整治特別條例 (廢止) Keelung River Basin, Special Act Governing the Management of (abolished) [311]
s:zh:勞資爭議處理法 Labor-Management Disputes, Act for Settlement of; Labor Disputes Law, The Settlement of [312] [313]
s:zh:勞動檢查法 (前工廠檢查法) Labor Inspection Act [314]
s:zh:勞工保險條例 Labor Insurance Act [315]
s:zh:勞工退休金條例 Labor Pension Act [316]
s:zh:勞動基準法 (中華民國) Labor Standards Act [317]
s:zh:工會法 (中華民國) Labor Union Act [318]
s:zh:土地法 (中華民國) Land Act [319]
s:zh:土地法施行法 Land Act, Enforcement Act of [320]
s:zh:地政士法 Land Administration Agent Act [321]
s:zh:土地徵收條例 Land Expropriation Act [322]
s:zh:土地稅法 Land Tax Act [323]
s:zh:法律扶助法 Legal Aids Act [324]
s:zh:立法委員監察委員歲費公費支給暫行條例 Legislators’ and Ombudsmen’s Annual Pay and Pay for Duty-related Expenses, Temporary Act on [325]
s:zh:圖書館法 (中華民國) Library Act [326]
s:zh:終身學習法 Lifelong Learning Act [327]
s:zh:地方制度法 Local Government Act [328]
s:zh:海洋污染防治法 Marine Pollution Control Act [329]
s:zh:海商法 (中華民國) Maritime Act [330]
s:zh:戒嚴時期人民受損權利回復條例 Martial Law, Act Governing the Recovery of Damage of Individual Rights during the Period of [331]
s:zh:戒嚴時期不當叛亂暨匪諜審判案件補償條例 Martial Law Period, Compensation Act for Wrongful Trials on Charges of Sedition and Espionage during the [332]
s:zh:氣象法 (中華民國) Meteorological Act [333]
s:zh:大量解僱勞工保護法 Mass Redundancy, Act for Worker Protection of; Mass Redundancy of Employees, The Protective Act for [334] [335]
s:zh:獎章條例 Medal Award Act [336]
s:zh:醫療法 (中華民國) Medical Care Act [337]
s:zh:醫事放射師法 Medical Radiation Technologists Act [338]
s:zh:醫事檢驗師法 Medical Technologists Act [339]
s:zh:精神衛生法 Mental Health Act [340]
s:zh:國軍軍事勤務致人民傷亡損害補償條例 Military Activities, Regulations on Compensation for Civilian Casualties Or Damages Caused by [341]
s:zh:軍公教遺族就學費用優待條例 (前革命抗戰功勳子女就學優待條例) Military and Civil Servants, The Act of Education Tuition Benefits for the Survivors of [342]
s:zh:國軍老舊眷村改建條例 Military Dependents, Act for Rebuilding Old Quarters for [343]
s:zh:軍事教育條例 Military Education, Act of [344]
s:zh:軍人保險條例 (前陸海空軍軍人保險條例) Military Personnel, Act of Insurance for [345]
s:zh:軍人婚姻條例 (前戡亂時期軍人婚姻條例、戡亂時期陸海空軍軍人婚姻條例)(廢止) Military Personnel, Act of Marriage for (abolished) [346]
s:zh:軍人撫卹條例 Military Personnel, Indemnity Act for [347]
s:zh:兵役法 (中華民國) Military Service System, Act Of [348]
s:zh:兵役法施行法 Military Service System, The Enforcement Act of Act of [349]
s:zh:軍人及其家屬優待條例 Military Servicemen & Their Dependents, Statute of Favors for [350]
s:zh:礦業法 Mining Act [351]
s:zh:礦場安全法 Mining Safety Act [352]
s:zh:洗錢防制法 Money Laundering Control Act [353]
s:zh:殯葬管理條例 Mortuary Service Administration Act [354]
s:zh:電影法 Motion Picture Act, The [355]
s:zh:山坡地保育利用條例 Mountainous Land, Utilization and Transfer of Reserved [356]
s:zh:姓名條例 Name Act [357]
s:zh:毒品危害防制條例 (前肅清煙毒條例、戡亂時期肅清煙毒條例) Narcotics Hazard Prevention Act [358]
s:zh:國家海洋研究院組織法 National Academy for Ocean Research, Organization Act of [359]
s:zh:國家文官學院組織法 (前國家文官培訓所組織條例) National Academy of Civil Service Organizational Act [360]
s:zh:國葬法 National Burial Act [361]
s:zh:國家通訊傳播委員會組織法 National Communications Commission Organization Act, The [362]
s:zh:國防法 (中華民國) National Defense Act [363]
s:zh:國防部參謀本部組織條例 (前國防部參謀本部組織法) National Defense, Organization Act of the General Staff Headquarters of the Ministry of [364]
s:zh:國防部組織法 National Defense, Organization Act of the Ministry of [365]
s:zh:中華民國國徽國旗法 (附圖) National Emblem and National Flag of the Republic of China Act (with attachment) [366]
s:zh:全民健康保險法 National Health Insurance Act [367]
s:zh:國立故宮博物院組織法 (前國立故宮博物院組織條例) National Palace Museum Organization Act [368]
s:zh:國家公園法 National Park Law [369]
s:zh:國民年金法 (中華民國) National Pension Act [370]
s:zh:國有財產法 (中華民國) National Property Act [371]
s:zh:國家安全法 (中華民國) National Security Act [372]
s:zh:國家機密保護法 National Security Information Protection Act, The Classified [373]
s:zh:國民體育法 National Sports Act [374]
s:zh:國籍法 (中華民國) Nationality Act [375]
s:zh:海軍服制條例 (前海軍服裝條例)(附件)(廢止) Navy Uniforms Act (abolished) [376]
s:zh:票據法 (中華民國) Negotiable Instruments Act [377]
s:zh:新市鎮開發條例 New Town Development Act [378]
s:zh:噪音管制法 Noise Control Act [379]
s:zh:核子損害賠償法 Nuclear Damage Compensation Law [380]
s:zh:護理人員法 Nursing Personnel Act [381]
s:zh:宣誓條例 Oath Act [382]
s:zh:職業災害勞工保護法 Occupational Accidents, Act for Protecting Worker of; Occupational Accidents Act, Protection for workers Incurring [383] [384]
s:zh:職業安全衛生法 (前勞動安全衛生法) Occupational Safety and Health Act (formerly Labor Safety and Health Act) [385]
s:zh:妨害國幣懲治條例 (前妨害國幣懲治暫行條例) Offenses Against National Currency, Penal Act of [386]
s:zh:國際金融業務條例 Offshore Banking Act [387]
s:zh:離島建設條例 Offshore Islands Development Act; Isolated Islands Construction Act [388] [389]
s:zh:空中大學設置條例 (前國立空中大學設置條例) Open University Establishment Act, The [390]
s:zh:光碟管理條例 Optical Disk Act [391]
s:zh:口腔健康法 Oral Health Act [392]
s:zh:勳章條例 Orders Act [393]
s:zh:組織犯罪防制條例 Organized Crime Prevention Act [394]
s:zh:華僑身分證明條例 Overseas Chinese Identity Certification Act [395]
s:zh:僑務委員會組織法 Overseas Community Affairs Council, ROC (Taiwan), Organization Act of [396]
s:zh:停車場法 Parking Facility Act [397]
s:zh:護照條例 (前出國護照條例) Passport Act [398]
s:zh:專利法 (中華民國) Patent Act [399]
s:zh:專利師法 Patent Attorney Act [400]
s:zh:當舖業法 Pawnshop Act [401]
s:zh:個人資料保護法 (中華民國) (前電腦處理個人資料保護法) Personal Information Protection Act [402]
s:zh:藥事法 (中華民國) (前藥物藥商管理法) Pharmaceutical Affairs Act [403]
s:zh:藥師法 (前藥劑師法) Pharmacists Act [404]
s:zh:身心障礙者權益保障法 (前身心障礙者保護法、殘障福利法) People with Disabilities Rights Protection Act (formerly Physically and Mentally Disabled Citizens Protection Act) [405]
s:zh:動產擔保交易法 Personal Property Secured Transactions Act [406]
s:zh:石油管理法 Petroleum Administration Act [407]
s:zh:物理治療師法 Physical Therapists Act [408]
s:zh:醫師法 (中華民國) Physicians Act [409]
s:zh:引水法 Pilotage Law [410]
s:zh:植物防疫檢疫法 Plant Protection and Quarantine Act [411]
s:zh:植物品種及種苗法 (前植物種苗法) Plant Variety and Plant Seed Act, The [412]
s:zh:血液製劑條例 Plasma Derivatives Act, The [413]
s:zh:警察法 (中華民國) Police Act [414]
s:zh:警察刑事紀錄證明核發條例 Police Criminal Record Certificates, Act Governing Issuance of [415]
s:zh:警察勤務條例 Police Duty Act [416]
s:zh:警察教育條例 Police Education Act [417]
s:zh:警察消防海巡移民空勤人員及協勤民力安全基金設置管理條例 (前警察消防海巡空勤人員及協勤民力安全基金設置管理條例) Police Officers, Fire-fighters, Coastguards, Immigration Officers, Aircrewmen and Volunteer Forces, Act for the Establishment and Administration of the Safety Fund for [418]
s:zh:警察人員人事條例 (前警察人員管理條例) Police Personnel Management Act [419]
s:zh:警察職權行使法 Police Power Exercise Act [420]
s:zh:警察服制條例 Police Uniforms Act [421]
s:zh:警械使用條例 Police Weapons, Act Governing the Use of [422]
s:zh:郵政法 (中華民國) Postal Act [423]
s:zh:政治獻金法 Political Donations Act [424]
s:zh:郵政儲金匯兌法 Postal Remittances and Savings Act [425]
s:zh:褒揚條例 Praise and Commendation Act [426]
s:zh:中華民國總統府組織法 President Organization Act, The ROC Office of the [427]
s:zh:總統副總統選舉罷免法 Presidential and Vice Presidential Election and Recall Act [428]
s:zh:國民教育法 Primary and Junior High School Act [429]
s:zh:監獄行刑法 Prison Act [430]
s:zh:外役監條例 Prison Camp Act, The [431]
s:zh:私立學校法 (中華民國) Private School Law [432]
s:zh:保全業法 Private Security Service Act [433]
s:zh:民營公用事業監督條例 (廢止) Privately Owned Public Utilities Supervisory Act (abolished) [434]
s:zh:技師法 Professional Engineers Act [435]
s:zh:促進民間參與公共建設法 Promotion of Private Participation in Infrastructure Projects, Act for [436]
s:zh:社會救助法 Public Assistance Act [437]
s:zh:公共場所母乳哺育條例 Public Breastfeeding Act [438]
s:zh:公葬條例 Public Burial Act [439]
s:zh:公共債務法 Public Debt Act, The [440]
s:zh:公設辯護人條例 Public Defender, Act of [441]
s:zh:國民住宅條例 Public Housing Act [442]
s:zh:公害糾紛處理法 Public Nuisance Dispute Mediation Act [443]
s:zh:公職人員財產申報法 Public Servants, Act on Property-Declaration by [444]
s:zh:公職人員利益衝突迴避法 Public Servants Due to Conflicts of Interest, Act on Recusal of [445]
s:zh:公共電視法 Public Television Act [446]
s:zh:公益彩券發行條例 Public Welfare Lottery Issue Act [447]
s:zh:發展大眾運輸條例 Public Transportation Development, The Act of Encouraging [448]
s:zh:廣播電視法 Radio and Television Act [449]
s:zh:鐵路法 (中華民國) Railway Act [450]
s:zh:不動產估價師法 Real Estate Appraiser Act [451]
s:zh:不動產經紀業管理條例 Real Estate Broking Management Act [452]
s:zh:中華民國紅十字會法 (廢止) Red Cross Society Act of the Republic of China (abolished) [453]
s:zh:公民投票法 Referendum Act [454]
s:zh:少年輔育院條例 Reform Schools, Organic Statute of [455]
s:zh:區域計畫法 Regional Plan Act [456]
s:zh:更生保護法 (中華民國) Rehabilitation Protection Act [457]
s:zh:觀察勒戒處分執行條例 Rehabilitation Treatment, Act of Execution of [458]
s:zh:保安處分執行法 Rehabilitative Disposition Execution Act [459]
s:zh:再生能源發展條例 Renewable Energy Development Act [460]
s:zh:資源回收再利用法 Resource Recycling Act [461]
s:zh:呼吸治療師法 Respiratory Therapists Act [462]
s:zh:零售市場管理條例 Retail Market Management Regulation [463]
s:zh:道路交通管理處罰條例 Road Traffic Management and Penalty Act [464]
s:zh:農村社區土地重劃條例 Rural Community Land Readjustment Act [465]
s:zh:土石採取法 Sand and Gravel Excavation Act [466]
s:zh:衛星廣播電視法 Satellite Broadcasting Act [467]
s:zh:學校教職員退休條例 (廢止) School Faculty and Staff, Statute Governing the Retirement of (abolished) [468]
s:zh:學校教職員撫卹條例 (廢止) School Staff, Statute Governing the Consolation Payment to Surviving Dependents at the Death of Teachers [469]
s:zh:科技部新竹科學工業園區管理局組織法 Science and Technology, Organic Act of the Hsinchu Science Park Bureau of the Ministry of [470]
s:zh:科技部組織法 Science and Technology, Organizational Act of the Ministry of [471]
s:zh:科技部中部科學工業園區管理局組織法 Science and Technology, The Organization Act of the Central Taiwan Science Park Bureau, Ministry of [472]
s:zh:科技部南部科學工業園區管理局組織法 Science and Technology, The Organization Act of the Southern Taiwan Science Park Bureau, Ministry of [473]
s:zh:科學技術基本法 Science and Technology Act, Fundamental [474]
s:zh:科學工業園區設置管理條例 Science Parks, Act for Establishment and Administration of [475]
s:zh:科學工業園區管理局組織條例 Science Park Administration, Regulation for the Organization of a [476]
s:zh:船員法 (中華民國) Seafarer Act, The [477]
s:zh:證券交易法 Securities and Exchange Act [478]
s:zh:證券投資人及期貨交易人保護法 Securities Investor and Futures Trader Protection Act [479]
s:zh:證券交易稅條例 Securities Transaction Tax Act [480]
s:zh:自衛槍枝管理條例 Self-defense Guns Control Act [481]
s:zh:老人福利法 Senior Citizens Welfare Act [482]
s:zh:在臺公司大陸地區股東股權行使條例 (前戡亂時期在臺公司陷區股東股權行使條例) Shareholders in Mainland China of a Company in Taiwan, The Act regarding the Exercise of Shareholders’ Rights for [483]
s:zh:學校衛生法 School Health Act [484]
s:zh:學校法人及其所屬私立學校教職員退休撫卹離職資遣條例 school legal persons and their respective private school(s), Act governing the retirement, bereavement compensation, discharge with severance pay benefits for the teaching and other staff of [485]
s:zh:學校教職員撫卹條例 School Staff, Statute Governing the Consolation Payment to Surviving Dependents at the Death of Teachers and [486]
s:zh:高級中學法 Senior High School Act, The [487]
s:zh:高級中等教育法 Senior High School Education Act [488]
s:zh:嚴重特殊傳染性肺炎防治及紓困振興特別條例 Severe Pneumonia with Novel Pathogens, Special Act for Prevention, Relief and Revitalization Measures for [489]
s:zh:下水道法 (中華民國) Sewerage Law [490]
s:zh:性侵害犯罪防治法 Sexual Assault Crime Prevention Act [491]
s:zh:性騷擾防治法 Sexual Harassment Prevention Act [492]
s:zh:石門水庫及其集水區整治特別條例 (廢止) Shihmen Reservoir and Its Catchment Area, Special Act Governing the Management of (abolished) [493]
s:zh:船舶登記法 Ship Registration Law, The [494]
s:zh:航業法 Shipping Law [495]
s:zh:船舶法 (中華民國) Ships, The Law Of [496]
s:zh:簡易人壽保險法 Simple Life Insurance Act [497]
s:zh:中小企業發展條例 Small and Medium Enterprises, Act for Development of [498]
s:zh:社會教育法 (中華民國) Social Education Act [499]
s:zh:社會秩序維護法 Social Order Maintenance Act [500]
s:zh:社會工作師法 Social Worker Act [501]
s:zh:土壤及地下水污染整治法 Soil and Groundwater Pollution Remediation Act [502]
s:zh:水土保持法 (中華民國) Soil and Water Conservation Act [503]
s:zh:特殊教育法 Special Education Act, The [504]
s:zh:語言治療師法 Speech Therapists Act [505]
s:zh:運動彩券發行條例 Sports Lottery Issuance Act [506]
s:zh:印花稅法 Stamp Tax Act [507]
s:zh:標準法 Standards Act, The [508]
s:zh:國家賠償法 (中華民國) State Compensation Law [509]
s:zh:國營事業管理法 State-Owned Enterprise, Administrative Law of [510]
s:zh:統計法 (中華民國) Statistics Act [511]
s:zh:替代役實施條例 Substitute Services, Enforcement Statute for [512]
s:zh:臺灣地區砂糖平準基金條例 (前臺灣省砂糖平準基金條例) Sugar Stabilization Fund in the Taiwan Area, Statute for [513]
s:zh:補習及進修教育法 (前補習教育法、補習學校法) Supplementary Education Act [514]
s:zh:稅捐稽徵法 Tax Collection Act [515]
s:zh:臺灣地區與大陸地區人民關係條例 Taiwan Area and the Mainland Area, Act Governing Relations between the People of the [516]
s:zh:師資培育法 (前師範教育法) Teacher Education Act [517]
s:zh:教師法 (中華民國) Teachers' Act [518]
s:zh:技術及職業教育法 Technical and Vocational Education Act [519]
s:zh:電信法 Telecommunications Act [520]
s:zh:菸酒管理法 Tobacco and Alcohol Administration Act, The [521]
s:zh:菸酒稅法 Tobacco and Alcohol Tax Act [522]
s:zh:菸害防制法 Tobacco Hazards Prevention Act [523]
s:zh:鄉鎮市調解條例 Township and County-Administered City Mediation Act, The [524]
s:zh:毒性化學物質管理法 Toxic Chemical Substances Control Act [525]
s:zh:貿易法 Trade Act, Foreign [526]
s:zh:營業秘密法 Trade Secrets Act [527]
s:zh:商標法 (中華民國) Trademark Act [528]
s:zh:交通部電信總局組織條例 (廢止) Transportation and Communications, Organizational Act of the Directorate General of Telecommunications, Ministry of (abolished) [529]
s:zh:交通部觀光局組織條例 Transportation and Communications, Organization Act of the Tourism Bureau, Ministry of [530]
s:zh:國庫券及短期借款條例 (前國庫券發行條例) Treasury Bills and Short-Term Loans Act [531]
s:zh:信託法 (中華民國) Trust Law [532]
s:zh:信託業法 (中華民國) Trust Enterprise Act [533]
s:zh:大學法 University Act [534]
s:zh:都市計畫法 (中華民國) Urban Planning Law [535]
s:zh:都市更新條例 Urban Renewal Act [536]
s:zh:市區道路條例 Urban Road Act [537]
s:zh:都市危險及老舊建築物加速重建條例 Urban Unsafe and Old Buildings, Statute for Expediting Reconstruction of [538]
s:zh:加值型及非加值型營業稅法 (前營業稅法) Value-Added and Non-Value-Added Business Tax Act (formerly Business Tax Act) [539]
s:zh:使用牌照稅法 (附表) Vehicle License Tax Act (with attachment) [540]
s:zh:國軍退除役官兵輔導委員會組織法 Veterans Affairs Council, Organization Act of [541]
s:zh:國軍退除役官兵輔導條例 Veterans Assistance Act, The ROC [542]
s:zh:獸醫師法 (中華民國) Veterinarian Act [543]
s:zh:動物用藥品管理法 Veterinary Drugs Control Act [544]
s:zh:妨害兵役治罪條例 Violation to Military Service System, Punishment Act for [545]
s:zh:要塞堡壘地帶法 Vital Area Regulations [546]
s:zh:職業學校法 Vocational School Law [547]
s:zh:職業訓練法 Vocational Training Act [548]
s:zh:志願士兵服役條例 Volunteer Enlisted Soldiers, Act of Military Service for [549]
s:zh:志願服務法 Volunteer Service Act [550]
s:zh:廢棄物清理法 Waste Disposal Act [551]
s:zh:水利法 Water Act [552]
s:zh:水污染防治法 (中華民國) Water Pollution Control Act [553]
s:zh:自來水法 Water Supply Act [554]
s:zh:度量衡法 (中華民國) Weights and Measures Act, The [555]
s:zh:野生動物保育法 Wildlife Conservation Act [556]
s:zh:證人保護法 Witness Protection Act [557]
s:zh:刑事補償法 (中華民國) (前冤獄賠償法) Wrongful Detentions and Executions, Law of Compensation for [558]