Annotated Republic of China Laws/Nationality Act

Nationality Act
Republic of China Law From Mainland Era to Taiwan



  1. Promulgated on February 5, 1929, by the National Government of the Republic of China
  2. Revised and Promulgated on February 9, 2000, by No. Hua-Tsung -1-Yi No. 8900032920 Order of President[2]
  3. Revised and Promulgated Article 20 on June 20, 2001, by No. Hua-Tsung -1-Yi No. 9000118960 Order of President
  4. Promulgated on June 15, 2005, by No. Hua-Tsung -1-Yi No. 09400088881 Order of President, Deleting Article 21 and Revising Article 3 to Article 6 and Article 15
  5. Revised and Promulgated Article 10 and Article 20 on January 27, 2006, by No. Hua-Tsung -1-Yi No. 09500011641 Order of President

Annotated by WikibooksEdit

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  2. This full amendment is in a separate page, and later partial amendments are in other separate pages per articles.