Animating Weapons for Counter-Strike Source/Setting up the Source SDK

Setting up the Source SDKEdit

Purpose: To simplify access to studiomdl for compiling

In experienced user terms:

  • Install the Source SDK.
  • Add a new filetype called QC.
  • Associate a batch file that takes the first input of studiomdl and pauses when you right click a QC file and click compile.
  • Unhide extensions for known file types.
  • Change the Source SDK's startup options to -engine ep1


  • Log into Steam.
  • Click the "Tools" tab.
  • Install Source SDK if you have not done so already.
  • Right click Source SDK.
  • Click properties.
  • Click set launch options.
  • Enter the following into the text box:
-engine ep1

(This makes sure you can change what game for which you are compiling.)

  • Press OK and close as necessary to exit the windows.
  • Go Start>Run and type in %sourcesdk%. This is the location of your Source SDK directory.
  • Navigate to sourcesdk\bin\ep1\bin folder. Here you will find all of the programs that are included with the Source SDK.
  • Create a new file called compile.bat in this folder.
  • In a text editor, add the following code to compile.bat.
studiomdl.exe %1
  • Drag any file onto compile.bat. If it says studiomdl.exe is not recognized, then replace "studiomdl.exe" in compile.bat with the full path of your studiomdl.exe in quotes. Example:
studiomdl.exe %1

changes into:

"C:\program files\steam\steamapps\username\sourcesdk\bin\ep1\bin\studiomdl.exe" %1
  • Press windows key + E. This opens up windows explorer.
  • Go to Tools>Folder Options.
  • Click the file types tab.
  • Click New and enter QC in the box.
  • Click the Change... button and choose a text editor.
  • Click the Advanced button.
  • Click New.
  • Under Action, type in Compile.
  • Under Application used to Perform Action, select the compile.bat that you just made.
  • Keep clicking OK or close as necessary until you have closed the windows explorer window.
  • Now you can right click a QC file and click compile whenever you want to compile your model.
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