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The pass rate for the FLK1 & FLK2 assessments are not predetermined; instead, they are determined after the assessment is conducted. The SRA Assessment Board establishes the pass mark using the Modified Angoff method, as per the SRA Marking and Standard Setting Policy. This approach involves a panel of qualified solicitors who are knowledgeable about Day One competence. They assess each question and estimate how many out of ten just-competent Day One solicitors would answer it correctly. By compiling and averaging these ratings for each question from each panel member, a cut score is derived. Subsequently, further statistical analysis is performed to account for candidates' actual performance and measurement errors, resulting in the final pass mark for the assessment.

It's important to note that the pass mark for the SQE may vary from one assessment sitting to another to maintain consistent assessment standards. To provide context, the SRA has furnished a table below, offering information based on past SQE1 sittings to give you an idea of the likely pass mark.

Pass mark and rate of FLK1 and FLK 2
Date of SQE1 FLK1 pass mark FLK1 pass rate FLK2 pass mark FLK2 pass rate
November 2021 57% (103 correct answers) 67% (out of 1084 candidates) 56% (101 correct answers) 54% (out of 1078 candidates)
July 2022 56% (101 correct answers) 64% (out of 1899 candidates) 55% (99 correct answers) 55% (out of 1981 candidates)
January 2023 57% (103 correct answers) 59% (out of 3103 candidates) 56% (101 correct answers) 56% (out of 3253 candidates)
July 2023 53% (95 correct answers) 66% (out of 3647 candidates) 52% (94 correct answers) 58% (out of 3755 candidates)
January 2024
July 2024

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