Ace Attorney Investigations: Miles Edgeworth/Turnabout Airlines/Part 2-1 - Beginning


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Edgeworth gets up from the floor of the first-floor lounge of a fancy aeroplane, dazed. Checking his watch, he realizes he has been unconscious for ten minutes due to recent turbulence. The pilot then announces that the plane will hit more turbulence soon. As Edgeworth heads towards the elevator to return to his first-class seat, something falls out of his pocket. It's a travel wallet dripping with grape juice, but it's not his. Now he faces two of his worst fears: earthquake-like turbulence and an elevator. Those who played Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney might remember the story behind this. As he opens the door, he sees... a body?! Suddenly, a flight attendant approaches and accuses Edgeworth of murder! The plane then hits more turbulence and Edgeworth faints again.

Sometime later, on the second floor of the plane, the flight attendant introduces herself as Rhoda Teneiro. Looks like the passengers know what happened, and she tied us up! Teneiro says that we're under suspicion of the murder and that she has incriminating evidence. Looks like we have a confrontation session with Ms Teneiro right off the bat.

Testimony: Rhoda Teneiro

Teneiro's Testimony
- What Ms. Teneiro Saw -

  1. I swear to tell the whole truth as a professional flight attendant.
  2. Unfortunately for you, Mr. Edgeworth, I am certain you are the killer.
  3. The scene I saw in front of the elevator...
  4. was you, standing there, with fresh blood dripping off of the murder weapon.
  5. So, if you would please cooperate, we'll turn you over just as soon as we land.

Rebuttal: What Ms. Teneiro Saw


Present the Travel Wallet at the fourth statement. The "murder weapon" that she saw was the travel wallet Edgeworth found! The "blood" that was dripping from it is actually grape juice! Teneiro is still persistent that Edgeworth killed the victim and she asks to examine the wallet. Examine the gold button to open the wallet. There's only a passport inside! But the owner of that passport is the victim, Akbey Hicks! The Travel Wallet is updated to Mr. Hicks's Travel Wallet. With this new information, Teneiro accuses Edgeworth of theft now.

Argument: Rhoda Teneiro

Teneiro's Argument
- Ms. Teneiro's Logic -

  1. As you claimed, the murder weapon is not the travel wallet...
  2. ...however, it IS something you stole from Mr. Hicks after you were done with the vile deed.
  3. I find it hard to believe myself, but your motive was very simple...
  4. You were out to steal Mr. Hicks' money, weren't you?

Rebuttal: Ms. Teneiro's Logic

File:AAIME crime02a.png

This murder wasn't because of money. Present the Crime Scene Notes at statement 4 (alternatively, you may present the Travel Wallet then the Crime Scene Notes and bypass the next line, but it is not necessary). To prove why she's wrong, present the bills on the floor. The floor is scattered with money, but the killer didn't take them! Convinced that Edgeworth has pleaded a strong case for his innocence, Teneiro releases him.

Suddenly, a man speaking an unknown language walks up. Looks like he's Borginian (we've seen people from this country before in Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney), but he can speak English as well. He wants Edgeworth under arrest until the plane touches down. After whining about wasting his precious time, he introduces himself as Zinc Lablanc II, and he is an art dealer. He says he saw the victim go down to the lounge at about 6 o'clock! Teneiro discovered the body at 6:15, so that means the victim would have been killed within this 15-minute timespan. And the only person at the lounge was Edgeworth! Lablanc says that he saw the man the whole time operating his cell phone.

Edgeworth requests an investigation of the crime scene, and we have the captain's approval! All right, begin investigation!

Bad Ending One: If you fail your logic before the investigation, Teneiro accuses Edgeworth of ruining the passengers' fun, and refuses to let him plead his case any further. Edgeworth gets arrested upon landing.

Investigation: Lounge

File:AAIME crime02b.png
File:AAIME crime02c.png

Move left and you will be in the First Floor - Lounge. Edgeworth thanks Teneiro for permitting him to access the crime scene. As she reminds him, however, Edgeworth is not off the hook yet; since Edgeworth was the only one in the lounge, he is the prime suspect. You automatically move to Mr Hicks' body.

You know Edgeworth was not the killer, so that means the killer must be somewhere else here... so Where was the killer?

Examine the elevator. It seems that the only accessible floors are the first and second, but Teneiro explains that you can also go to the cargo area with a keycard. You receive the Elevator logic.

Examine the brown thing at the bottom right-hand corner of the elevator. It seems to be a piggy bank modeled after the airline's bear mascot, but there is blood on it. You receive the Murder weapon: Mr. Ifly? logic.

Examine the body. It looks Mr Hicks was hit by the back of the head; in other words, Blunt force trauma. He also has Broken glasses, for some reason.

File:AAIME Photo of Mr. Hicks.png
File:AAIME Missing Cell Phone.png

Examine the paper in Hicks' pocket. It's actually a picture of him in some building, in front of a statue in Borginia. The Photo of Mr. Hicks is added to the Organizer. Now Deduce the lanyard and Present the Photo of Mr. Hicks; his cell phone on his lanyard seems to be missing. The Missing Cell Phone is added to the Organizer.

Now examine the spilled grape juice near the statue. When prompted to choose what's strange here, select the footprints of grape juice just near the spill. This gives you the Spilled grape juice logic.

File:AAIME Case 02 Logic 01.png
File:AAIME Case 02 Logic 02.png
File:AAIME Case 02 Logic 03.png
File:AAIME Mr. Ifly Piggy Bank.png
File:AAIME Grape Juice Footprints.png

Time for some logic. Go into Logic mode and combine Where was the killer? and Elevator. It seems the killer could only be in the elevator with Mr Hicks. You get the In the elevator with Hicks? Logic.

Next, combine Blunt force trauma and Murder weapon: Mr. Ifly? Logically, there can only be one connection between the two: Mr IFly is the murder weapon. The Mr. IFly Piggy Bank is added to the Organizer.

Now combine In the elevator with Hicks? and Spilled grape juice. It seems that the only reason there are footprints is that there was someone with Mr Hicks in the elevator! Grape Juice Footprints are added to the Organizer. With that, your investigation is complete!

Bad Ending Two: If you run out of logic here, Edgeworth begs Lablanc for more time, but Lablanc refuses. Teneiro reports to the captain about Edgeworth's lack of progress and he is arrested upon landing.

Testimony: Zinc Lablanc

Lablanc's Testimony
- What I Saw -

  1. I am certain I saw Mr. Hicks in the elevator!
  2. It was when my needles on my pocket watch pointed to the 6 and to the 12!
  3. The body was discovered 15 minutes after that in the lounge, yes?
  4. Then you, the only person in the lounge at that time, must be the criminal!

Rebuttal: What I Saw


Press on the first statement. A new statement is added:

  • The only person inside was that Mr. Hicks man!

Present the Grape Juice Footprints on that statement. You've already inferred that there was another person in the elevator. However, Lablanc insists there were no other people in the elevator. He doesn't seem to be lying, so what does it mean?

Testimony: Zinc Lablanc

Lablanc's Testimony
- What I Saw Pt.2 -

  1. I was very upset when Mr. Hicks passed by my seat.
  2. I was checking the time, over and over again.
  3. I happened to follow that man with my eyes when he passed me.
  4. And I saw clearly into the elevator he was entering.
  5. But, I swear there was no one else inside! No one!

Rebuttal: What I Saw Pt.2


Press on the second statement. Lablanc wanted to watch a movie not available in his country, but according to him, it never showed. He adds two statements:

  • The movie I wanted to see would not start, so I checked my pocket watch many times.
  • My watch is set to my destination's time. I always set it when I board the plane.

Present the Sky Magazine on the second of the new statements. It seems that the plane has not changed the time to their destination's timezone. So that means the difference between the time zone of Borginia and our country is 9 hours - therefore, Lablanc saw Mr Hicks at around 3 AM! So Mr Hicks could have been killed at any time between 3 AM and 6:15 AM.

File:AAIME Refueling in Zheng Fa.png
File:PWAATaT Testimony.png

Now the other attendant speaks up. She introduces herself as Cammy Meele and states she noted that the victim was in his seat at 5 AM when the plane stopped to refuel in a country called the Republic of Zheng Fa. No-one got on board or left the plane during the refueling. Information regarding the Refueling in Zheng Fa is added to the Organizer. Cammy also claims that Mr Hicks was in his seat when the plane took off again at 5 AM. Ms. Meele's Testimony is added to the Organizer. Now the timeframe of the murder can be narrowed down to sometime between 5 AM and 6:15 AM. But Edgeworth was in the lounge during this time period!

The only way to prove Edgeworth's innocence is to prove that the crime happened in another location. Present the Grape Juice Footprints. The footprints lead to the in-flight shop, but they are disconnected. However, there is another piece of evidence that can connect the shop to the crime scene. Present the Mr. IFly Piggy Bank. The murder weapon is a piece of merchandise sold at the in-flight shop, so the criminal must have obtained it there. Teneiro will confirm it was in the shop at 5:40 AM. But that's just before the patch of turbulence!

She also reveals that when Edgeworth found the body, she had just exited the flight attendant's room. This means she was also on the first floor around the time of the murder! Teneiro claims that she had to go to the in-flight shop before going to the flight attendant's room, passing by Edgeworth as he was reading the airline magazine. As the murder weapon is confirmed to be at the shop around the time of the murder, that means we must investigate it. However, Cammy reminds us that we don't have the captain's permission to enter the in-flight shop yet. While Teneiro claims that she asked for the captain's permission to investigate the whole plane, Cammy says that the captain didn't grant any permission at all.

It's obvious now that Teneiro was lying and she's called to the cockpit. However, Cammy already got permission from the captain to search the shop. Walk right into the shop. The shop's a big mess. Since the murder weapon came from here, that means the killer must have visited this place. You receive the Murder weapon: Mr. Ifly logic.

Investigation: In-Flight Shop

File:AAIME Case 02 Logic 04.png
File:AAIME crime02d.png
File:AAIME Mr. IFly Piggy Bank Hat.png
File:AAIME Mr. Ifly Piggy Banka.png

First, examine the cupboard with the shattered glass door. There is nothing on display except for a Tiny captain's hat. Edgeworth feels like he's seen it somewhere before...

Now, examine the bright yellow suitcases. Seems like they are designed by Teneiro, but not one suitcase has ever been sold. Suddenly, a patch of turbulence causes the suitcase to roll to the other side of the room. That is very dangerous, and something worth noting too.

Now enter Logic mode and connect Murder weapon: Mr. Ifly with Tiny captain's hat. Seems like the hat probably belongs on the piggy bank's head. It's possible that this piggy bank was forcibly removed from its case, dropping its hat. The Mr. IFly Piggy Bank is updated in your organizer.

Since we now know that the killer could have broken the glass case to get the murder weapon, we can now take a closer look at the shattered glass case. Deduce the empty shelf and present the Mr. IFly Piggy Bank. If the killer broke the glass to get the piggy bank, then why is there no glass at all in the shelf where it was displayed? That means that the display case was broken from the inside out, meaning the piggy bank must've fallen out of the case during a patch of turbulence! The hat could've also been knocked off its head. This means the killer took the murder weapon after the patch of Turbulence that caused it to fall out of the case. The Mr. IFly Piggy Bank is updated in your Organizer. Since the murder happened before the turbulence, this means that the piggy bank was picked up after the murder. The piggy bank isn't the murder weapon!

File:AAIME Case 02 Logic 05.png
File:AAIME crime02e.png

Cammy presents another possibility: the killer could have broken the glass case to get the murder weapon and do it from inside out even if the case is locked. The only person that could have done that is Teneiro. Since she is responsible for the shop's upkeep, she has the keys to the case.

Now go into Logic mode and connect Suitcase with Turbulence. If these suitcases were so prone to moving when the plane shakes, why is it the only thing undisturbed in this shop? You now enter a close-up shot of the suitcases.

There's something wrong with these suitcases. Present the front wheels of the left suitcase. The right suitcase has stoppers to prevent it from moving, but the left suitcase has none. Without it, the suitcase couldn't have stayed in the same spot. So, it must have been placed here after the patch of turbulence!

File:AAIME iFly Suitcase.png
File:AAIME Bloody Cloth.png

You will now examine the suitcase itself. Examine the peculiar purple wheel. Looks like it's covered in grape juice, but why? Now examine the lock. It's unlocked, so you can open it up. What's inside is a blood-stained cloth. The suitcase could have been used by the murderer to move something... such as the victim's body. To confirm this, present the Crime Scene Notes. The iFly Suitcase and Bloody Cloth are added to the Organizer. This could mean that the murder happened somewhere else and the body was moved into the elevator by the killer. Teneiro said she was here for "work-related matters". Could she have been behind this...?

Teneiro then returns and says that Edgeworth has no more time to investigate. He can still watch over the preservation of the site until the plane touches down, however. While Edgeworth may have proven his innocence, the mystery isn't solved!

Bad Ending Three: If you run out of logic here, Meele will ask the captain to halt the investigation and forces Edgeworth back to his seat.