Ace Attorney Investigations: Miles Edgeworth/Turnabout Airlines

After recalling the events of the first case, we return two days before the crime. Edgeworth is unconscious on the floor in some lounge. Then we see time reversing, as spilled wine flows back into its container and the bottle flies back to the table. After that, we're shown a slideshow of locations we've never seen before. We're currently on an airplane which is experiencing turbulence. Then, the elevator opens...

Case Information

File:AAIME Case02crime.png
  • Time of Crime: March 12, 6:13 AM
  • Location: Flight I-390
  • Victim: Akbey Hicks
  • Cause of death: Falling
  • Murder weapon: Blunt force trauma from falling





Miles Edgeworth

The character you control in this game, Edgeworth is a prosecutor who strives for the truth. He is very intelligent and has very intimidating tactics of interrogation. He tends to be a little of a perfectionist. Due to an incident in his childhood he has a deep fear of earthquakes and elevators. Rhoda Teneiro at first suspects him, but he proves his innocence to everyone.


File:AAIME Akbey Hicks.png

Akbey Hicks

The murder victim. He seems to be a tourist returning home from Borginia. An Interpol agent working with Franziska Von Karma.


File:PW Teneiro.png

Rhoda Teneiro

A flight attendant who treats her work with a professional attitude. Goes and fakes “getting permission” from the Captain to search the entire ship.


File:PW Lablanc.png

Zinc Lablanc

A Borginian businessman who is always rambling about a lack of time. He sells a lot of different Borginian artefacts. Was in possession of a fake statue.

File:PW Meele.png

Cammy Meele

Another flight attendant who works on the flight. Doesn't treat her work very seriously.

Other Characters

File:PW Franziska.png

Franziska von Karma

Franziska is the daughter of the feared Manfred von Karma. Like her father, she aims for one thing in her family's life, perfection. She is investigating about an international smuggling ring.


Dick Gumshoe

Homicide detective at the local precinct. In charge of the initial investigation. Franziska isn’t very “friendly” towards him.