Ace Attorney Investigations: Miles Edgeworth/Turnabout Ablaze/Part 5-1 - Beginning

Edgeworth relaxes in his office, recalling the events that happened over the last few days. First, he found himself involved in the murder of an Interpol agent on his return flight, then he had to investigate a kidnapping and a murder at Gatewater Land. Finally, in the early hours of this morning, his office became the crime scene of yet another murder, the one of Detective Buddy Faith, along with a thief that made off with a file for an old case.

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Just when Edgeworth is finally going to get a rest, Kay bursts in about the Yatagarasu. Edgeworth mentions that the thief he met earlier could be the Yatagarasu, but Kay believes she will appear at the Cohdopian Embassy today. The Yatagarasu sent a calling card to the embassy, which is odd considering how the card is usually only sent to the media after the Yatagarasu has made off with a secret. The card looks to be the real deal, but Edgeworth recalls that there was another card with inverted colours that we found in the first case. Time to investigate.

The Cohdopian Embassy

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File:AAIME Steel Samurais Autography.png
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We're at the Theatrum Neutralis, where a Steel Samurai play is being shown. Edgeworth and Kay mention how this embassy is shared by two countries with the theatre as the neutral zone. The Steel Samurai show was sponsored by the Kingdom of Allebahst. Another show, the Jammin' Ninja, is being sponsored by the Republic of Babahl. (Check out Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney - Justice For All if you want to know more about these two!) The embassy is holding an event called "The Kingdom of Allebahst versus The Republic of Babahl Goodwill Jubilee". Edgeworth explains how both countries used to be a single country called the Principality of Cohdopia. It was recently split into two due to civil unrest. If you recall, Manny Coachen, the suspect of the murder case of the KG-8 Incident, was a staff member of the Cohdopian Embassy seven years ago, and so was Deid Mann.

Both countries had bad relationships with each other, but they're trying to make up for it with this event. Each country also claims to own the real Primidux Statue so they're having them publicly evaluated today. With nothing else to do until the Yatagarasu makes its move, go around and examine your surroundings. You can even find our old acquaintance Lotta Hart making a cameo appearance here! If you talk to the guards, you'll notice how Allebahst has stricter procedures for entry, while the Babahl guards are friendlier and more welcoming. Check the pile of pamphlets beside the two women to learn more about the embassy. Embassy Guide is jotted down in your Organizer.

Suddenly, the Steel Samurai makes an appearance along with his son, causing a great hubbub. Talk to the Steel Samurai. While he doesn't speak to you, he does give you his autograph. Steel Samurai's Autograph is jotted down in your Organizer. He then enters the Allabahstian side of the embassy to meet with the ambassador. Now the Jammin' Ninja segment will begin, who will later enter the Babahl side and meet with its ambassador.

Before we can go any further, though two officers run out of the Allebahstian Embassy and announce that the Yatagarasu has been spotted there! Kay attempts to go there but is stopped by the guard. She then runs over to the Babahlese side to try and climb over the wall and into the Allebahstian side, despite Edgeworth's objection.

At the Babahlese side, Kay is nowhere to be seen, but the fence looks too high to scale across. However, there's a larger problem here. The embassy is on fire and Kay could be trapped inside!

A murder


We enter the Babahlese secretariat's room to find that Kay is being captured by Shih-na! Gumshoe is also here, and he directs our attention to a dead body. Kay says that she found the person already dead and she only ran into the room after seeing a suspicious person enter it too. That person had a long black coat and a hood over their head.

Shih-na thinks that Kay committed the murder and there's nothing we can do about it. The crime happened at the Babahlese Embassy, meaning that anything that happens there is subject to jurisdiction by the Babahlese law system, giving them extraterritorial rights. Franziska arrives with the ambassador of Babahl, Colias Palaeno. Edgeworth requests to join Franziska's investigation as her assistant and she eventually agrees. Because Franziska is working with Interpol and we're now her assistant, we can start investigating!

Investigation: Secretariat's Room

File:AAIME Notes on Coachens Body.png
File:AAIME Babahlese Knife.png
File:AAIME Yatagarasus Key.png
File:AAIME Yatagarasus Key2.png
File:AAIME Knifes Vines.png
File:AAIME Buffet Ticket.png
File:AAIME Cohdopian Paper Document.png
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File:AAIME Babahls Primidux Statue.png
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Edgeworth starts by asking why Gumshoe is here. It turns out that he was on guard duty for the embassy to watch out for the Yatagarasu. Examine the dead body. The victim is Manny Coachen, a familiar name. His death was caused by a stab to the neck from behind. Luckily, the fire did not reach the body. The Notes on Coachen's Body are added to your Organizer. You now enter a close-up scene of the corpse.

Examine the knife. Tests have shown that the blood on the knife matches the victim's, so it might be the murder weapon. The handle has an exquisite butterfly motif. You get the Motif on knife handle logic and have the Knife added to your Organizer. Now examine the object in the victim's pocket. It's the Yatagarasu's Key, stolen seven years ago! Gumshoe doesn't know about its secret, so show it to him. Examine the tip of the handle to turn it into a knife. The Yatagarasu's Key is added to your Organizer. The knife-edge has been cleaned, and Edgeworth recognizes the vine motif on the knife. Franziska suggests talking to Ambassador Palaeno to find out more about Cohdopia.

Talk to Ambassador Palaeno. He offers you some coupons, which Edgeworth recalls as part of Babahl's feverish tourist industry.

  • Manny Coachen: The victim was the secretariat of the embassy, in charge of most tasks in the embassy, one of which is printing. The embassy has its own printing press because of its need to produce coupons and flyers to promote Babahl's tourism. Ambassador Palaeno also reveals that Mr. Coachen was involved in the KG-8 Incident but soon recovered and worked enthusiastically before he was killed.
  • Renovations: The embassy was to undergo renovations to give visitors a better impression of Babahl, but the man in charge was the victim.
  • Cohdopia: Ambassador Palaeno concludes that the key/knife is from the period when both embassies belonged to Cohdopia. It has the motif of the butterfly and the flower, Cohdopia's national symbols. You get the Key used at Embassy logic.

Talk to Franziska. She is supposed to be working with Interpol around the world, so why is she here? You get the Franziska's return logic.

  • The murder: The Yatagarasu appeared in the Allebahstian Embassy too, but it didn't cause a fire there. Agent Lang is there protecting the ambassador.
  • Yatagarasu: Franziska doesn't recognize Kay until Edgeworth reminds her about the case seven years ago. Gumshoe brings up the fact that the Yatagarasu is here to steal the embassy's dirtiest secret. You get the Stealing of secret logic.

Go into Logic Mode and connect Franziska's return with Stealing of secret. Franziska thinks that the head of the smuggling ring is right inside this embassy. You gain another dialogue option.

  • Smuggling: Franziska was indeed on the trail of the smuggling ring and they put the embassy as a prime investigation spot because of a document. It is only part of a set of documents and it's printed with paper only made in Cohdopia, so someone in Allebahst or Babahl must be the head! The Cohdopian Paper Document is added to your Organizer.

Now, examine the butterfly symbol on the wall, which appears to be the national symbol of Babahl. You get the Butterfly of Babahl logic.

Examine the gold statue. It might be the Primidux Statue Kay mentioned, and it bears a resemblance to the Steel Samurai. The Babahl's Primidux Statue is added to your Organizer.

Examine the safe near Kay. It's locked and we need to use a key to open it. You get the Locked safe logic.

Examine the knife rack. The knife rack can be found on the wall on the right side with the burnt shirt and the souvenirs. One of the knives is missing and Palaeno explains that the handle can be removed.

Now go into Logic Mode and connect Motif on knife handle with Butterfly of Babahl. The knife appears to be part of the Babahlese Embassy, so it may have come from somewhere in this room. Connect Key used at embassy with Locked safe. The key was used in the embassy before and was found in Coachen's pocket, so it might open his safe. And it turns out it does!

There's nothing in the safe, and it looks like we just hit a dead end. Examine the piece of paper at the bottom part of the safe. It seems to be stuck in the safe. This might mean that it has two compartments. The safe does look a bit too shallow compared to its thickness. There don't appear to be any other locks or keyholes, or are there?

Deduce the hole at the safe's edge and present the Yatagarasu's Key. It opened the first compartment, but the key doesn't look like it would fit in the hole. You'll automatically inspect the key and present the tip of the blade. The knife isn't just a sharp tool, it serves as a well-disguised key to unlocking the safe's second compartment!

Inside the second compartment are objects that Franziska recognizes as treasures stolen from various countries. More importantly, examine the papers that were stuck on the edge earlier. They seem a bit familiar. Deduce these papers and present the Cohdopian Paper Document. The smuggling document is in fact one of this set of documents. Franziska deduces that Manny Coachen was the head of the smuggling ring and that he was smuggling large amounts of Babahlese ink.

With that, our investigation is complete!

Shih-na still tries to arrest Kay since we didn't find anything to prove her innocence. She is stopped by Edgeworth. Here comes a testimony.

Testimony: Shih-na

Shih-na's Testimony
- Why Arrest Kay? -

  1. Even your police confirmed that the Yatagarasu infiltrated the Babahlese embassy tonight.
  2. Utilizing the confusion caused by the fire, the Yatagarasu snuck into this embassy.
  3. Furthermore, this girl claims to be the Yatagarasu.
  4. And most importantly, there was no one else in here with the body.

Rebuttal: Why Arrest Kay?


Press statement 3. Shih-na explains that Kay wanted to steal the documents related to the smuggling case so she killed Coachen to get the key. You get a new statement.

  • She wanted to steal documents regarding smuggling, so she killed Mr. Coachen for the key.

Present the Yatagarasu's Key or the Cohdopian Paper Document at this statement. The key was still on the victim's body when the victim was found and the documents were left untouched. That means the Yatagarasu didn't come here to steal the smuggling documents. Shih-na presents the possibility that Kay accidentally killed Manny Coachen, or that Kay simply did not figure out the key to the second compartment. She even claims that she saw Kay with the murder weapon in her hands when she found the body.

Testimony: Shih-na

Shih-na's Testimony
- Definitive Evidence -

  1. The knife wound on the body is consistent with the blade of the knife.
  2. The knife with the butterfly handle is the murder weapon, which the killer is holding.
  3. I assume she obtained the knife from the display rack and used it on the victim.
  4. The knife is part of a special 3-piece set, which has a design like no other.
  5. The evidence and testimony, it all points to the girl. There is no counterargument.

Kay reveals she followed a suspicious person into the room. It was pitch black when she entered and she felt something on the floor with her hand. After turning on the lights, she let out a scream that alerted Shih-na.

Rebuttal: Definitive Evidence

File:AAIME Babahlese Knife Handle.png
File:AAIME Blank Knife.png

Present the Babahlese Knife on statement 2. There's blood all over the blade but none over the handle. The handle is removable, and since there is no blood on it, this suggests that the knife handle has been switched. Examine the knife's center to disassemble it. The killer wanted to trick us into believing that they used the Babahlese knife to kill the victim! The Babahlese Knife Handle is added to your Organizer. Shih-na counters by saying Kay could've switched the knife, but that's not possible. Examine the symbol on blade handle. The symbol is a flower, not a butterfly. Present the Embassy Guide. The flower is the symbol of Allebahst, which means that the knife was taken from there! Kay could not have been able to transfer a knife from one side of the embassy to another.

We've successfully cleared Kay's name, but now the biggest question: is how did the knife get here? Before we can ponder about the question further, Shih-na interrupts us once more. She says that we still didn't disprove Kay of being the Yatagarasu and that she could have caused the fire. We need to investigate the Allebhastian embassy to get more clues and find out how the knife was smuggled over.

The chapter now ends.

Bad Ending One: If you fail to establish Kay's innocence once your logic runs out, Shih-na stops Edgeworth from interrupting the investigation and takes Kay into custody. Franziska tells Edgeworth to expect no mercy from her.