Ace Attorney Investigations: Miles Edgeworth/Turnabout Ablaze

Spoiler warning: Plot and/or ending details follow.

"Two cards. One of a black raven, one of a white raven. Two countries. One in the west and one in the east. When those which were split were made whole again, the truth will reveal itself." We see someone lighting a room on fire. The Yatagarasu has been spotted, and a spotlight reveals her silhouette. Edgeworth is seen outside a burning building, shouting for Kay. How did all of these events transpire? Eight hours before this madness began...

Case Information

File:AAIME Case05crime.png
  • Time of Crime: March 14, ?
  • Location: Theatrum Neutralis - Lobby and Babahlese Embassy - Secrectariats Office
  • Victim: Manny Coachen and Ka-Shi Nou
  • Cause of death: Stab wound and Blunt force trauma
  • Murder weapon: Yatagarasu's Key and Allebahst's Primidux Statue





Miles Edgeworth

The character you control in this game, Edgeworth is a prosecutor who strives for the truth. He is very intelligent and has very intimidating tactics of interrogation. He tends to be a little of a perfectionist. Due to an incident in his childhood he has a deep fear of earthquakes and elevators.


File:AAIME Manny Coachen.png

Manny Coachen

The murder victim in the Babahlese embassy and Colias Palaeno's secretariat. He was involved in the KG-8 Incident.

File:AAIME Ka-Shi Nou.png

Ka-Shi Nou

The murder victim in the Allebahstian embassy. Alias "Mask Demasque II". A fake "successor" of the original Mask DeMasque .


File:AAIME Kay Faraday.png

Kay Faraday

The daughter of Byrne Faraday and claims to be the second Great Thief Yatagarasu.


File:PW Shih-na.png


A mysterious woman that serves as Shi-Long Lang's assistant. She led the investigation in Babahl.

Other Characters

File:AAIME Byrne Faraday.png

Byrne Faraday

Kay's deseaced father and the victim from Edgeworth's first case seven years ago.

File:PW Calisto Yew.png

Calisto Yew

Bryne's killer and the one who claimed to be the Yatagarasu. Where is she now?


Dick Gumshoe

Homicide detective at the local precinct. Helped with the investigation in Babahl.

File:PW Franziska.png

Franziska von Karma

The daughter of the feared Manfred von Karma. She is investigating about an international smuggling ring. She helped with the investigation in Allebahst.

File:PW Shi-Long Lang.png

Shi-Long Lang

A high-ranking Interpol agent from Zheng Fa who has a hatred for prosecutors. He is on the trail of the smuggling ring that affected the economy of his country. He led the investigation in Allebahst.

File:PW Tyrell Badd.png

Tyrell Badd

A detective on the trail of the Yatagarasu.

File:AAIME Yatagarasu.png


The Great Thief Yatagarasu, a mysterious thief who stole evidence of a company's corrupt dealings and made them public. Calisto Yew claimed to be he Yatagarasu seven years ago, but Kay says it is actually her father, Byrne Faraday.

File:AAIME Colias Palaeno.png

Colias Palaeno

The ambassador of Babahl. He is feverishly promoting Babahl's tourism industry and hopes for a peaceful unification of Cohdopia.

File:AAIME Quercus Alba.png

Quercus Alba

The ambassador of Allebahst and former ambassador of Cohdopia. His self-pity and frail appearance hides his history as a fearsome general.

File:AAIME Oldbag4.png

Wendy Oldbag

An old lady who fancies Edgeworth. She is called in as a last-second replacement for the actress of the Pink Princess after she called in sick.

File:PW Larry Butz.png

Larry Butz

A clumsy, troublesome friend of Edgeworth who plays the lead role in the Steel Samurai show at the event.