A History of the British Monarchy

History of the British Monarchy

This book attempts to give an explanation of English Rulers dating as far back as the 700s up to the current ruler: Queen Elizabeth II. There are also genealogical tables for each ruling family and information on important landmarks and people other than just kings and queens.

Table of ContentsEdit

  1. Saxon Rulers
  2. Viking Rulers
  3. Norman Rulers
  4. Plantagenet Rulers
  5. Tudor Rulers
  6. Stuart Rulers
  7. Hanover Rulers
  8. Saxe-Coburg-Gotha Rulers
  9. Windsor Rulers
  10. Genealogical Tables
  11. Princes of Wales
  12. The Tower of London
  13. Crown Jewels and Royal Residences
  14. Royal Orders
  15. Additional Information