A History of the British Monarchy/Norman Rulers

The Norman ruler of England began in 1066 when William, Duke of Normandy, invaded and defeated Harald Godwinson. This was the last successful invasion of England, and all English monarchs since have descended from him.

The end of the dynasty is a bit blurred. Matilda was the daughter of Henry I. When his son (William Adelin, Matilda's brother) died in 1120, Henry I put forward Matilda as his heir, but was unsuccessful.

Stephen was his nephew, and as the nearest male heir to Henry I, he was installed on the throne at Henry's death. Matilda and her supporters considered this a usurpation and a long civil war, called The Anarchy, was fought between 1135 and 1153. The Treaty of Westminster ended the fighting, and Matilda's son, Henry FitzEmpress was designated as Stephen's heir.

While technically still a Norman, Henry FitzEmpress founded the Plantagenet dynasty as Henry II.

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