A History of the British Monarchy/Saxon Rulers

Saxon RulersEdit

The Saxon Rulers began with The House of Wessex. It is the oldest known Ruling "House", AKA A Ruling Family. The first king of the Wessex House and of England was named Egbert. He was born between 770 and 780. He was the son of Ealhmund, King of Kent. Ealhmund was himself the son of Eafa, King of Wessex, by a Kentish princess. The House of Wessex boasted of a descent from no less a personage than the great Woden himself. The Anglo Saxon Chronicle records the descent of Egbert from Cerdic, a Saxon invader who landed on the south coast in 495.

The Saxon rulers' reign ended in 1066 with the reign of Harold II.

Ethelred I
Alfred the Great
Edward the Elder
Edmund I the Elder
Edwy the Fair
Edgar the Peaceful
Edward the Martyr
Ethelred II
Edmund II
St. Edward the Confessor
Harold II